Yellow Sapphires are the precious gem. It is also called Guru Ratna. It means that its lord is Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire is hardest after diamonds and ruby, but at the same time it is also soft. so one should do extreme care when taking while carving. It has different names in different languages. It is known as Pushparag, Peela Sphatik and Pitmani in Sanskrit, Jard Yakut in Urdu-Persian, Pukhraj in Hindi and Yellow Sapphire in English. Yellow Sapphire is mainly of five colors. They are –

  1. Lily like turmeric color
  2. Saffron, Like saffron
  3. Like lemon peel,
  4. Like gold color
  5. White but with yellowish freckles

According to ancient scriptures – pure and best yellow is yellowish, when taken in hand, it feels weighty, without spots, transparent, smooth, poreless, soft, bright as the color of yellow Kaner, Champa or Amaltas flower. It is the destroyer of tuberculosis and a gem that increases fame and respect, happiness and wealth and health. If the best yellow sapphire is rubbed on a penny, then it gets more shine. Despite being found in many colours, yellow sapphire is usually colorless – as clear as water. At present, yellow and sparkling wine-like aura is a common practice of yellow sapphire. Sometimes light yellow and light green yellow sapphire are also found. But naturally red or pink yellow sapphire are extremely rare.

From a scientific point of view, this gemstone is a fluo silicate of aluminum. Yellow Sapphire is counted among the few gems made of fluorine element. The amount of fluorine in yellow sapphire is about 15.5 and water is found in small quantities. Inside it are very fine liquid or gaseous substances – especially carbon dioxide and some other impurities are found. The ravines of natural yellow sapphire are triangular and with minarets. Its hardness is 8.0, relative density is 6.53, refractive index is 1.61 to 1.62, repeatability is 0.008 and refraction is 0.014. The dual color of yellow sapphire is not sharp. When it is rubbed, electricity is generated. Its aura is like that of glass.


It’s history is also very ancient. According to Acharya Varaha Mihir, when the skin of the demon king Bali fell on the Himalayas, he was transformed into a yellow sapphire. In Russia and Siberia, blue sapphire is often found in caves of granite rocks. Yellow Sapphire found in Rhodesia is usually colorless or yellowish-blue in color, which looks beautiful when carved. Good quality yellow sapphire is found in Japan, Mexico, Tasmania, Colorado, New England and Sri Lanka. Yellow Sapphire found in Sri Lanka are yellow, light green or colorless, which are called net-sapphire there. It is believed that the yellow sapphire which is found with ruby, they are of the best quality. In India It is mainly found in Orissa, Bengal, around the Brahmaputra, in the Himalayas and Vindhyachal mountains.


The following properties are found in pure and perfect yellow sapphires

  1. It is smooth
  2. It is shiny
  3. It is watery
  4. It is almost transparent.or semi-transparent


Wear yellow sapphire is preferred to be worn in yellow metal. i.e Gold, Panchdhatu, Ashthdhatu, Brass with a ring. whose weight should not be less than three rattis. It would be better to wear yellow sapphire of seven or twelve ratti. It should be fixed in the ring on Thursday itself. After worshiping the ring properly, after chanting the mantra Om Brihaspataye Namah 19 thousand times, it should be worn on the index finger )one hour) before sunset on a Thursday of Shukla Paksha.


We can check the purity of yellow sapphire in the following way—

  1. If after keeping yellow sapphire in milk for 24 hours, it does not lose its luster, then it should be considered pure.
  2. Putting Yellow Sapphire in a white cloth and looking at it in the sun, it is covered with cloth, If cloudy rays are visible. It will be consider as good quality yellow sapphire.
  3. If a poisonous animal bites, then by applying yellow sapphire there, the poison ends immediately.


Instead of giving benefits, it causes terrible destruction. Therefore never wear this type of yellow sapphires —–:

  • Which has vertical lines. It increases enmity with friends and relatives.
  • Whose color is white-milky. This creates a situation whereby the holder got hurt.
  • In which there is no shine. Such yellow sapphires are very harmful for the body and health.
  • Containing white-white dots. Such yellow sapphire is considered inauspicious, as it is the cause of death.
  • The one who is Duranga means two-coloured. It increases disease and also gives rise to new diseases.
  • In which there is a pit. It hurts financially.
  • Which has a black spot. It would have been detrimental to livestock that had nets. It creates all the obstacles related to the child.


Not all people can wear yellow sapphire, because it proves to be very fatal for the people of some zodiac signs. So it can be worn only in the following situations—:

  • People with Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant must wear yellow sapphire.
  • If Jupiter is situated in the fifth, sixth, eighth and twelfth house in the horoscope, then yellow sapphire should be worn.
  • If Jupiter is situated in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius or Capricorn, then wearing yellow sapphire is very beneficial.
  • Yellow Sapphires should be worn immediately if Jupiter is present in Capricorn. If Jupiter being Dhanesh is in ninth house, being fourth lord in eleventh house, being seventh lord in second house, being Bhagyaesh in fourth house or being king in fifth house then wearing yellow sapphire gives very good results.
  • If Jupiter, being the lord of the best house, is sixth or eighth from his house Yellow Sapphire must be worn if it is situated at the place.
  • If there is a difference of Jupiter in the Mahadasha of any planet, then wearing yellow sapphire is preferable.
  • If a girl is not getting married due to some reason, then by wearing yellow sapphire, her wishes are fulfilled soon.
  • Wearing yellow sapphire reduces wrong thoughts and actions. Good thoughts arise and the mind remains calm.


According to the zodiac, the behavior of Yellow Sapphire, Jupiter is also different in each zodiac sign. So the effects of the Yellow Sapphire is according to the behavior of yellow sapphires are as follows—:

  1. It is especially beneficial for Aries people to wear yellow sapphire. If it is worn with coral then it will be giver of great benefit.
  2. Jupiter is the lord of eighth and eleventh house in Taurus ascendant. Therefore, it is considered inauspicious for the people of this ascendant. But wearing it in the Mahadasha of Venus and Jupiter, the lord of Taurus ascendant, brings wealth.
  3. In Gemini ascendant, Jupiter being the lord of seventh and tenth house is contaminated with Kendradhipati dosha. However, if Jupiter is situated in the ascendant, second, eleventh or any center triangle, then wearing this gem in its Mahadasha gives wealth and child happiness. But with this it is also important to keep in mind that Jupiter of Gemini Ascendant is strong Marrakesh. It also becomes an antidote by giving worldly and financial pleasures.
  4. Jupiter is the lord of sixth and ninth triangle in Cancer ascendant. so it is considered auspicious for this Laghna. If such a person wears a pearl or coral ring with yellow sapphire, then it proves to be very beneficial.
  5. Jupiter is the lord of fifth triangle and eighth house in Leo ascendant. This is a good beneficial position. If the people of this ascendant wears sun- gem(ruby) with yellow sapphire with is highly beneficial.
  6. Jupiter is the lord of fourth and seventh house in Virgo ascendant. Therefore, it becomes corrupted by Kendradhipati dosha and becomes a powerful Marrakesh. Despite this, if Jupiter is situated in the second, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth or eleventh house, then wearing yellow sapphire in its Mahadasha gives wealth, respect, education and child happiness. But keep in mind that Yellow Sapphire can also become a strong Marrakesh by giving comforts. Therefore, the holder should take special care in this regard.
  7. Jupiter is the lord of third and sixth house in Libra ascendant. Therefore, Jupiter is considered very inauspicious for this ascendant. Apart from this, there is a lot of enmity between Venus and Jupiter, the lord of Libra ascendant. Therefore, people of this ascendant should never wear yellow sapphire.
  8. Jupiter is the lord of second house and fifth triangle in Scorpio ascendant. Therefore, this planet is considered auspicious for this ascendant. because scorpio Laghna. The lord of this is Mars and there is great friendship between Mars and Guru. For this reason, yellow sapphire is very beneficial for the people of Scorpio ascendant. It is best to wear yellow sapphire in the Mahadasha of Jupiter. If coral is also worn with yellow sapphire, then it proves to be very beneficial.
  9. In Sagittarius Ascendant, Jupiter becomes the lord of Ascendant and 4th house, it becomes a very auspicious planet. Therefore, people of this ascendant should always wear yellow sapphire, as it acts as a protective shield. If there is Mahadasha of Jupiter then wearing yellow sapphire will be extremely beneficial.
  10. Jupiter being the lord of third and twelfth house in Capricorn Ascendant is considered to be a very inauspicious planet for it. Therefore, people of Capricorn ascendant should never wear yellow sapphire.
  11. In Aquarius ascendant, Jupiter is in the second (wealth) house and the eleventh (profit) house is the owner. But there is enmity between Saturn and Jupiter, the lord of Aquarius ascendant. Therefore, people of Aquarius ascendant should not wear yellowsapphire.
  12. Jupiter being the lord of ascendant and tenth house in Pisces ascendant is an auspicious planet for it. If the people of this ascendant wear yellow sapphire, then their wishes are fulfilled. Wearing yellow sapphire in the Mahadasha of Jupiter will be very beneficial. If the people of Pisces ascendant wear coral along with yellow sapphire, then they will get special benefits.


According to ‘Ayurveda Prakash’ – Yellow Sapphires is light, nurturing. This cold anulomance removes the effects of chemicals and poisons. It is used in diseases like vomiting, phlegm, air disorders, malaise, leprosy, piles, burns and jaundice etc. It is a very beneficial medicine for these diseases. After keeping the yellow sapphire in rose water and kewda water for 25 days, put it like kajal and dry it in the shade. Then use it in the above diseases. Vaidyas make ashes of white yellowsapphire. The amount of its intake varies from quarter ratti to half ratti. Before taking dosage or medicine, please consult a good and experienced Vaidyaraj. Apart from the above diseases, yellow sapphire also benefits in the following diseases:

  • Rub yellow sapphire with honey in jaundice and recurrent fever etc. Will definitely get benefit. In diseases like kidney, spleen etc., yellow sapphire in the water of kewra. Will benefit soon.
  • Yellow Sapphire’s ashes are good in bone pain, cough, piles etc. If Pukhraj is kept in the mouth for some time, then the odor of the mouth is removed. Teeth become strong and aroma starts coming from the mouth.


Individuals who cannot buy Yellow Sapphire, its sub-gems can substitute with yellow pearls, yellow zircon or sunela.topaz,orissa pukhraj Their value is less. But keep in mind that sapphire, onyx, diamond or vaidurya should never be worn with yellow sapphire or it’s sub gems.

Those who cannot buy YellowSapphire, they can wear this sub-gemstone. Yellow Sapphire’s Sub-Gems—:

  1. Ghiya – It is light yellow in color and excessively light. It is mostly found in Iran.
  2. Kesari– It is a heavy stone of saffron color. light shine in it occurs. It is found in Sri Lanka and India along the banks of the Gandak river.
  3. Sonal – White and yellow rays emerge simultaneously from it. It is found in Kabul and Sri Lanka.
  4. Kairu– Its color is similar to that of brass. Like camphor when it breaks Gives fragrance. It is mostly found in China and Myanmar.
  5. Sonella/Topaz – It is a smooth and shiny white colored gemstone which is found in the Himalayan mountain region and Turkistan.

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