Emerald is said to be the gem of the planet Mercury, that is, its lord is Mercury. It is difficult to find a perfect Emerald. The value of this type of emerald is sometimes higher than that of pure natural rubies and diamonds depending on quantityofthegemstone. The famous gemologist Pliny has written in the context of emerald that its aura does not get destroyed in sunlight, shadow or weak light of candle, that is, the aura of the emerald is very unique. If a person’s eyes are tired while looking at an object, then it refreshes them again. It is a soft stone.

Emeralds different names in different languages. In Sanskrit it is called Markat, Gurutmat, Harinmani, Pachi, Gurdankit, Soparni, Jamrud in Urdu-Persian, Panna in Hindi and Emerald in English. It is popular among people since about four thousand years ago. During the time of ‘Cleopatra’ and ‘Alexander the Great’ in the Roman Empire, it was found in abundance in the mines of Egypt.

Scientifically speaking, emerald is made up of a mixture of granite, pegmatite and limestone. Its hardness is 7.75. The relative density is 2.69 to 2.80, the spectral index is 1.57 to 1.58 and the dispersion is 0.4. It is transparent or translucent, biconvex green and blue-green. Nowadays the purest and best emerald is found in the mines of Colombia or Zambia. Second grade emeralds are found in the Ural Mountains of Russia and Brazil. Apart from these, there are also emerald mines in Egypt, Norway, India, Italy, Australia, Africa and Austria.


The history of Emerald (Panna) is very ancient, that is, four and a half thousand years old. According to gem experts and historians, emerald mines were mostly located in the upper part of Egypt in ancient times. These mines were in mountain ranges located on the western side parallel to the Red Sea. One hundred or one hundred and fifty years ago from today

French explorers discovered these mines in a collapsed state, where tools related to excavation etc. were also found. Historians and archaeologists told in their study that these mines are 4000 or more older than today. The emerald mines in the Ural Mountains of Russia were discovered in 1860.

The best quality emeralds were found long ago from the mines of Colombia in South America, but they were discovered in 1558. Currently, about 88,000 carats of emeralds are extracted annually from Colombia’s mines, but these are often small and defective. In India, they are found with the names of the emeralds of cups and the emeralds of Jagat Seth. The emerald of Udaipur is a dark colored churchura. There is more yellowness in the emerald of Ajmer. Its color is attractive and water is good. The emerald of American mines is strong. Its color and water are the best. A few years ago a new variety of emerald came to the market from Colombia. It is being called ‘pipechi’.

In India, it is mainly found in South Mahanadi, Himalayas, Somanadi and Girnar. Emerald is mainly of five

  1. Green as the color of water
  2. Like a light sedul flower
  3. Like the color of a cirrus flower
  4. Like the color of a peacock feather
  5. Like the color of a parrot’s feather.


There are mainly six qualities of emerald, which are as follows:

  1. The Emeralds are smooth.
  2. It is transparent.
  3. It is hard (heavy).
  4. The rays scatter from around it.
  5. It is aliphatic and elastic.
  6. It is ignited by its own effect like the sun.

According to ‘Ayurveda Prakash’ – Pure emerald like water is clean, transparent, heavy, ductile, elastic, soft and has multicolored properties. Such a Emeralds are considered the best.


The following methods are adopted to check the purity of the emerald,

  • If the emerald is put in a glass filled with water, then green rays emerge from it.
  • If the emerald is placed in a white cloth and placed at a slight height, then the cloth looks green.
  • It appears to be lighter than its average weight.


Among all the gems, emerald is given great importance, because it is a very potent gemstone. By wearing it, the disturbance and disturbance of the mind disappears. If a student wears it, then the intellect becomes sharp. It is strong and healing for the patients. The house in which there is emerald, that house remains full of wealth. Happiness and wealth increase. You get the happiness of having a worthy child. The obstacle of love calms down and the fear of snakes is destroyed. There is no effect of witchcraft on the holder. If you wash your eyes in the morning with pure water for five minutes, then eye diseases never occur. If there is any disease in the eyes, then that too goes away. If a pregnant woman ties it around her waist, then there is an early delivery.


As far as possible, emerald should be fitted in a silver ring on Wednesday. Its weight should not be less than 3 ratti. After worshiping it properly, after chanting the mantra Om Bu Budhay Namah 9000 times, it should be worn on any Wednesday of Shukla Paksha two hours after sunrise. Although it is customary to wear emerald in a gold ring, but it proves beneficial only in a silver ring. It should be worn on the little finger of the right hand.


Defective emerald is harmful like other gems, so the following types should never be worn

  • Which looks like a mesh. It is considered inauspicious. by its wearing there is malaise.
  • In which there are small broken stripes. It is dangerous for the growth of the offspring
  • The emerald which is rough. Wearing such gem destroys livestock.
  • In which there is a pit. Wearing it increases the fear of the enemy.
  • In which there is no brightness or numbness. It loses money.
  • Whose color is like gold. This causes all kinds of suffering.
  • In which blood-like dots appeared. It destroys happiness and wealth.
  • Whose color is like honey. It is painful for the parents.
  • In which yellow dots are visible. This creates a situation of son-destruction. In which two colors appeared. This destroys power, intelligence, etc.
  • In which there is a thin straight line or there are many thin lines. It destroys the wealth and glory of the wearer.
  • In which there is a stain. It proves fatal for the woman.


  1. Mercury is the lord of two negative houses, third and sixth, in Aries ascendant. Therefore, emerald is very harmful for the people of this ascendant.
  2. In Taurus ascendant, Mercury becomes the lord of second and fifth triangle and becomes a Yogakaraka planet. Therefore, on wearing this emerald by the people of this ascendant, family peace, wealth, intelligence, child happiness, honor, fame and fortune are obtained. Wearing emerald in the Mahadasha of Mercury will be especially beneficial. If the people of Taurus ascendant wear emerald with diamond, then there will be no lack of happiness and prosperity in life.
  3. Mercury is the lord of the fourth house in Gemini ascendant. Therefore, the people of this ascendant must wear emerald, as it always protects from trouble and calamity. Wearing emerald in the Mahadasha of Mercury will be especially beneficial.
  4. Mercury is the lord of third and twelfth house in Cancer ascendant. Both these expressions are inauspicious. Therefore such people should not wear emerald.
  5. Mercury is the lord of second and eleventh house in Leo ascendant. so this If the people of this ascendant wear emerald in the Mahadasha of Mercury, then Profits, children, family happiness and fame and fame are attained by the wearer.
  6. Mercury is the lord of ascendant and tenth house in Virgo ascendant. Therefore, wearing emerald always benefits the people of this ascendant. It protects the native in every way – physically, mentally and socially. This leads to increase in life and progress in business. Raj grace and honor, etc. wearing emerald.
  7. Mercury is the lord of ninth and twelfth house in Libra ascendant. In the twelfth house, the original trigonal sign of Mercury falls. But at the same time, being the lord of the ninth triangle, Mercury is considered a Shudra planet for Libra ascendant. Therefore, if the people of Libra ascendant wear emerald with diamond, then they get ultimate benefits and happiness. Because there is ultimate friendship between Venus and Mercury, the lord of Libra ascendant.
  8. Mercury is the lord of eighth and eleventh house in Scorpio ascendant. There is friendship between Mars and Mercury, the lord of Scorpio ascendant. Therefore, Mercury is not considered a Shudra planet for Scorpio Ascendant. Apart from this, if Mercury, being the lord of the eleventh house, is situated in the ascendant, fourth, fifth or ninth house, then wearing an emerald in its Mahadasha will be more beneficial. This will also increase wealth.
  9. Mercury is the lord of seventh and tenth house in Sagittarius ascendant. It is corrupted by Kendradhipati dosha. However, if Mercury is situated in the ascendant, second, fifth, ninth, tenth or eleventh house, then wearing an emerald in the mahadasha of Mercury brings economic benefits, progress in business and prosperity. If Mercury is situated in a debilitating house then wearing emerald is preferable.
  10. Mercury is the lord of sixth and ninth house in Capricorn ascendant. In the ninth triangle, Mercury has Virgo in its original triangle zodiac. Also Mercury Capricorn Ascendant is also a friend of Lord Shani. Therefore, emerald is considered to be a very auspicious and beneficial gemstone for the people of Capricorn ascendant. If you wear blue sapphire with the emerald for Capricorn ascendant, then you get the ultimate benefit. It will prove beneficial in the Mahadasha of Mercury.
  11. Mercury is the lord of fifth triangle and eighth house in Aquarius ascendant. Therefore, it is considered an auspicious planet for the people of Aquarius ascendant. In the Mahadasha of Mercury, the people of this ascendant get special benefits by wearing emerald. If a diamond is worn along with an emerald, then good results are obtained.
  12. Mercury being the lord of the fourth and seventh house in Pisces ascendant is corrupted by Kendradhipati dosha. However, if Mercury is situated in the second, fifth, ninth, tenth or eleventh house in the Pisces ascendant or in the seventh house in the self-sign, then wearing an emerald in the Mahadasha of Mercury is beneficial from the economic point of view. But special attention should be paid to the fact that Mercury is a strong Marrakesh for Pisces Ascendant. Therefore, according to the horoscope, the person whose age is being completed, he should not even touch the emerald because Mercury becomes a deadly planet even after giving financial benefits.


In reference to the Emeralds in ‘Ayurveda Prakash’, it is written that it is a potent gem that kills the subject, cools, removes bile, is beneficial, nutritious and destroys ghost-obstacles. In another book ‘Rasratna Samuchaya’ it is written that emerald increases strength and beauty in the body by getting rid of fever, vomiting, asthma, typhoid, indigestion, piles, pandu disease and poison etc. It is the perfect medicine for epilepsy and dysentery. In all these diseases, emerald ash or pishti should be used. It proves to be a panacea for all types of wounds. Apart from this, it is also beneficial in the following diseases.

  1. Keep the emerald in the water of Kevada for 21 days. Then grind it and take it with cream. It increases strength, intelligence and semen in a strong way. The ashes of emerald is the best medicine in diseases like stones, polyuria etc.
  2. Migraine, piles, any kind of fever, kidney and blood related diseases, by licking the ashes of emerald with honey gives quick benefits.


Regarding emerald, it is said that whoever wears it will be greatly benefited. This is true to a large extent. But if it is worn by those people, whose horoscope has the following things, then it will prove to be very beneficial.

  • /Mercury’s gem is Emerald and Mercury is the lord of Gemini. Therefore, wearing Emerald is best for Gemini ascendant. This gives all-round benefits.
  • Emerald is also beneficial for Virgo ascendant, because Mercury is Virgo’s Ascendant and Emerald are gem for Mercury.
  • If Mercury is situated in the sixth and eighth house in a person’s horoscope, then wearing emerald is beneficial for him/her
  • If Mercury is situated in Pisces in the horoscope, then wearing an emerald is extremely beneficial.
  • Wearing emerald is beneficial if Mercury is placed in the ninth house by being Dhanesh.
  • Wearing emerald is extremely auspicious and extremely beneficial if Mercury is placed in the second house being the seventh lord, in the fourth house by being the ninth lord or in the sixth house by being lucky.
  • If Mercury, being the lord of the superior house, is situated in the eighth house from its house If yes, then the emerald must be worn.
  • Wearing Emerald is beneficial if Mercury’s Mahadasha or Antardasha is going on.
  • If Mercury is the lord of the best house – 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 or 11 in the birth chart, then it is very good to wear emerald.
  • Wearing Emerald if Mercury is situated with Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is considered auspicious.
  • If there is a vision of enemy planets on Mercury, then emerald must be worn. →
  • People related to business-commerce, mathematics and accountancy related work must wear. It gives magical results.


In lieu of emerald, any one of the gemstones can be worn in option of emerald, margaj or pilapani. They are worth less than emeralds, being a substone they less effective in comparison with emeralds.

Emerald is a precious gem. Not everyone is able to buy it. Therefore, as an alternative, the needy can wear a gemstone called aquamarine, green colored zircon, turquoise or peridot, which is of lesser value than emerald. If green colored hakik is found, then that can also work. Keep in mind that never wear coral and pearls with emerald.

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