Coral is the gem of Mars, that is, its owner is Mars. It does not come out of the mine like a pearl, but is found in the sea. Shree of Bhuge has different names in different languages. In Sanskrit it is called Praval Vidum Llamani Kangarak Mani Ammodhi Pallava Bhaum Ruk and Rakhtab etc. In Hindi Punjabi it is called moonga, in Urdu-Persian it is called Marja and in English it is called Coral. It is mainly found in four colors Red, Sindoori, Hingule-sa and Geruva.

According to ancient astrologers, coral is a kind of botanical material. Its form looks like a branch to a creeper. Hence it was named Latamani. But according to the discovery of modern gemologists, coral is a product of marine animals called polypai variety Isis Nobilis. These animals make such a tree of coral, which has neither twigs nor leaves. For this they use their red sticky substance on the foothills of rocks seven hundred feet deep in the sea. Such a tree is useful for their living.

The relative density of coral is about 2.65 and the hardness ranges from 3.5 to 4.0. Its spelling is 1.486 and 7.638. In this way it is repeated a lot. The spelling of black coral is 1.53 and 1.57. The repeatability is 0.01, the relative magnitude is 1.37 and the hardness is 3. If hydrochloric acid is brought on black colored coral, then foam does not arise, while other colored corals produce foam. The hot wire also has no effect on the black colored coral. But keeping it warm on other colored coral, it smells like burning of hair.


Coral is also ancient in history. According to the book ‘Vrihatsamhita’ of Acharya Varah Mihir – Coral was born from the intestines of Asuraraj Bali. Coral has been practiced in India since ancient times. From year 1450 onwards, the French people started took up the business of extracting coral. Later it was adopted by the British also. After 1830 years, Italians also started trading in coral. The largest central industry of coral is in Naples, Italy, where about forty companies are involved in this business. There are several thousand persons engaged in this industry. Good quality corals are found in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria, the Gulf of Iran and the Indian Ocean.


There are four main properties of coral, which are as follows

  1. It is shiny.
  2. It is angled.
  3. It weighs above average.
  4. Due to being smooth, it starts slipping in the hand.


Coral is examined in many ways. Given below are some methods by which its accuracy can be checked.

  1. When coral is added to milk, a reddish tinge appears in it.
  2. When coral is kept in the blood, thick blood accumulates around the coral.
  3. If coral is kept in the sun on paper or cotton, it will catch fire.

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Coral should be embedded in a gold ring as far as possible. If it is not possible for the holder to buy gold, then by adding a little gold to silver or making a copper ring or brass ring, coral should be inlaid. The weight of the coral should not be less than 6 ratti. It is best if you buy coral on Tuesday and put it in the ring on the same day. After worshiping the ring ten thousand times, chanting the mantra Om Angarkaya Namah, should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand after sunrise on a Tuesday of Shukla Paksha.


According to the twelve zodiac signs, wearing coral behaves differently

  1. Mars is the lord of the Aries ascendants. Hence the native of Aries ascendant one should wear coral for life. Increases life expectancy, health benefits And respect increases. The holder of coral becomes happy, prosperous and prosperous in every way.
  2. Mars is the lord of seventh and twelfth house in Taurus ascendant. Therefore, people of this ascendant should not wear coral.
  3. In Gemini ascendant, Mars is the lord of sixth and eleventh house. In such a situation, the person of this ascendant should not wear coral in the Mahadasha of Mars. Because there is ultimate enmity between Mercury and Mars, the lord of Gemini ascendant.
  4. In Cancer ascendant, Mars is the lord of ninth and tenth house. This is the best yoga. In such a situation, Mars gives immense benefits by becoming a karaka planet for the people of this ascendant. If coral is worn with the gemstone pearl of Lagnesh moon If you go, you will get very good results.
  5. Mars is the lord of fourth and ninth house in Leo ascendant. In this way, Mars is considered to be the causative planet in Leo Ascendant. If such a person wears coral, then he gets mental peace, home, land and wealth, maternal happiness, honor and fame and respect. If wearing coral with ruby it will be more beneficial.
  6. Mars is the lord of third and eighth house in Virgo ascendant. Both these expressions are inauspicious. Therefore, people with Virgo ascendant should never wear coral.
  7. Mars is the lord of second and seventh house in Libra ascendant. Both the expressions are considered antidote. Therefore people of this ascendant should not wear coral.
  8. Mars is ascendant in Scorpio ascendant. Therefore, people with Scorpio ascendant It would be best to wear coral for this.
  9. In Sagittarius ascendant, Mars is the lord of fifth triangle and twelfth house. The fifth and ninth houses in a horoscope are called triangles. Thus, Mars is considered auspicious in Sagittarius Ascendant. Therefore, wearing coral to its native brings happiness, fame-fame, honor-respect, intelligence-growth and fortune-telling. Wearing coral in the Mahadasha of Mars will be particularly beneficial.
  10. Mars is the lord of the fourth house in Capricorn ascendant. If the lord of this ascendant is situated in the fourth house, then wearing coral is considered auspicious for the native. If the lord of the eighth house is situated in the twelfth house then wearing coral would be preferable.
  11. Mars is the lord of third and tenth house in Aquarius ascendant. If Mars is situated in the tenth house i.e. Scorpio, then coral should be worn in the Mahadasha of Mars. Generally, wearing coral is not beneficial for the people of Aquarius ascendant.
  12. Mars is the lord of 2nd and 9th house in Pisces ascendant. Therefore, Mars is considered an auspicious planet for this ascendant. Wearing coral by such people is very beneficial.


Defective coral harms the wearer. So the following types of corals one should never go for

  • which has cut or broken. This harms the child.
  • The coral which has two colors. It destroys wealth.
  • If there is a pit, it is fatal for the wife. if a woman wears it
  • There is a possibility of an accident. with white specks. It destroys wealth.
  • Which is of the color of lac. By wearing it, there is fear of weapons and theft.


Coral is called Praval in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, coral is small and rough in quality. From the point of view of juice, it is sweet and somewhat acidic. Its vipaka is sweet and semen is cold. Scientifically, it contains 83 percent calcium carbonate, 35 percent magnesium carbonate, 45 percent iron and a small amount of lead. Apart from this, it contains 8 percent other substances. In the field of medicine, coral is used especially for the prevention of Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. But it is beneficial in diseases caused by vitiated phlegm and air. Applying its powder in the form of Anjan is very beneficial in eye diseases. It removes the weakness of the brain and nerves. It is especially used in acid, bile, colic, bloody dysentery and piles. It is the panacea for these diseases. Apart from blood disorders, blood bile and weakness of the heart, it is also used in diseases like chronic-deteriorating cold, cough, asthma, tuberculosis etc. Grinding coral with rose water, drying it in shade and consuming it with honey makes the body strong and healthy. When consumed with betel leaves, the complaint of phlegm and cough is removed, while it is beneficial in heart disease when taken with cream. By this the treatment of other diseases are as follows

  • Consuming coral with honey gives immediate benefit in blood pressure. → If there is a complaint of stomach pain or spleen, taking Coral with cream is beneficial.
  • It is beneficial to give ashes of coral with rose water in Mandagni. Its ashes are also beneficial in physical weakness.
  • In case of epilepsy, heart disease or air tremor, if its ashes are taken with milk, the disease gets eradicated from the root.


If Mars is weak in the horoscope, then wearing coral is more beneficial. Wearing coral of good ghat keeps the mind happy. When a child wear a (in the neck or arm) does not cause stomach pain and dryness. Coral is also beneficial for heart disease. When Sun is in Aries sign i.e. from 15th April to 14th May or those born between 15th November to 14th December, they must wear coral. Apart from this, it would be best to wear coral in the following conditions of Mars

  1. If Mars is situated anywhere in the horoscope with Rahu or Saturn, then wearing coral proves to be very beneficial.
  2. If Mars is situated in the first house then wearing coral will be beneficial.
  3. If Mars is in the third place, there is a difference of opinion between siblings. To overcome this, coral should be worn.
  4. If Mars is in the fourth house in the horoscope, then the health of the life partner is adversely affected. Therefore, such a person must wear coral.
  5. Mars in the seventh or twelfth house in the horoscope is not auspicious. life from it the partner gets hurt. Therefore such a person should also wear coral.
  6. Wearing coral is very beneficial if Dhanesh Mars is situated in the ninth house, the fourth house Mars is in the eleventh house or the lord of the fifth house is Mars in the twelfth house.
  7. If the ninth lord Mars is in the fourth house and the tenth lord Mars is in the fifth or eleventh house in the horoscope, then wearing coral is beneficial.
  8. If Mars is situated anywhere in the horoscope and its aspect is on the seventh, tenth or eleventh house, then wearing coral will be beneficial.
  9. If Mars is in 6th house in Aries or Scorpio ascendant, Dhanesh Mars is in 7th house, 4th lord Mars is in 9th house, Panchmesh Mars is in 10th house,than wearing coral will be effective
  10. If Mars is situated in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope, then wearing coral will be beneficial.
  11. If Mars is aspecting the Sun in the horoscope, then wearing coral is very beneficial.
  12. If Mars is with the Moon, then wearing this gemstone strengthens the financial condition.
  13. If Mars is with the sixth or eighth lord in the horoscope or if the sight of these planets is falling on Mars, then wearing coral is beneficial.
  14. If Mars is retrograde, set or in the first place in the horoscope, then wearing coral can be taken advantage of.
  15. If Mars is the lord of auspicious houses in the horoscope and is with enemy planets, then wearing coral to make it powerful is considered very preferable.


Instead of coral, coral, red copper, red jasper, Kaharuva (Amber) or Vidrum gem can be worn. These gems are definitely less than coral in value, but no less beneficial than coral.

Those who cannot buy coral, they should wear a coral sub gem i.e. Vidrum Mani or Sanga Moongi. It is smooth, porous and light in weight. It is available in red, pink or coral colour.


Coral’s sub-gemstone has the following properties

  • It is usually shiny.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is smooth.
  • There are many color splashes in it.
  • By applying its ashes on the belly of the pregnant woman, the pregnancy does not fall.

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