Pearl is a moon-gem, that is, its owner is the moon. Therefore, the defects related to the moon are destroyed by wearing it. It has different names in different languages. In Sanskrit it is called Mukta, Shaktija, Indraratna; moti in hindi; In Urdu-Persian it is called Sukharid and in English it is called Pearl. Scientifically speaking, the chemical element of pearl is calcium carbonate. Its hardness ranges from 3.9 to 4.0, relative density from 2.65 to 2.69 or 2.84 to 2.89. The position of the layers inside the pearl is almost concentric and parallel. • It is opaque.


The history of pearls is very ancient. Pearls have also been discussed in the oldest scriptures like ‘Rigveda’. In this pearl is called ‘Krishan’. This name is also found in ‘Atharvaveda’. Pearls have been found in the remains of Shakya Muni found during excavation in Piprawa. In the ancient texts of Sanskrit, Ayurveda and astrology, detailed discussion of pearls, moktihar and Muktajal is found. In Rome, it has been a custom to look at pearls with reverence and reverence since ancient times. There high officials and eminent persons had the right to wear pearls. Pliny wrote that the pearl was the most valuable gem in the world. People considered pearls to be the most valuable after Indian diamonds.

Pearls are found in the Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka, Bay of Bengal, Australia, Venezuela and Japan etc. It is also found in the Pacific Ocean. The pearl obtained from the Persian Gulf, which comes out of an oyster named Mohar, is considered the best. The black pearl of benezuela, which has a greenish tint, is also nice and clean.


The history of making artificial (culture) pearls is very ancient. In ancient times, it was a custom in China that they used to coat small tin statues of Lord Buddha with a free substance. But Japan made progress in this matter. They introduced such pearls in the market in 1951. Similar pearls are also made in Australia. Apart from these, there is also a third type of pearl, which is called artificial pearls (imitation pearls). Artificial pearls are either of solid glass or of waxed glass or made from mukta mala. Mention of fake pearls is found in ‘Venus Niti’ and ‘Garuda Purana’. Along with this, how to check the real and fake pearls, it is also known.


According to an ancient text, the properties of pearls are as follows: The best pearl is radiant like a star. such a pearl is a mutar, which would have been round. It is smooth, clean, very pure, solid and smooth. There is a shadow in it. It is not injured anywhere and there are no lines on it.

From this analysis it is concluded that the best pearls are those which have these five qualities – purity, smoothness, softness, shapely and radiance. In some pearls, a hole equal to the size of a hair is also found. such a pearl considered defective. contaminated by the difference between the person wearing the pearl and sinful thoughts go away. It is an enlightener and wealth giver.


To check the purity of pearl, following method should be adopted →

  • Take cow’s urine in an earthen vessel and put pearl in it. Let it just stay overnight. If the pearl is not found broken in the morning, then it will be considered pure and real.
  • Put pearls in a glass vessel or glass. If rays are seen coming out of it, then it should be considered as pure pearl.
  • Put the pearl in the ghee. If ghee melts, consider it pure. Rub the pearl with paddy husk. If a pearl is crushed, consider it a fake. If it is a real pearl, its shine will increase further.

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According to the twelve zodiac signs, pearls have different effects, which are as described below

  1. Moon is the lord of the fourth house in the horoscope of Aries ascendant. Chaturdesh Moon is the friend of Lagna Mars. Therefore, the person of this ascendant can get mental peace, maternal happiness, home-land and education-benefit by wearing pearls. This gem will be particularly beneficial in the mahadasha of the moon. If pearl Lagnesh is worn with the gemstone of Mars, then there will be more beneficial.
  2. Moon is the lord of the third house in the horoscope of Taurus ascendant. of this Laghna one should never wear pearls.
  3. Moon is the lord of the second house i.e. wealth house in Gemini ascendant. In the Mahadasha of Moon, the native of every ascendant can wear a pearl. But special request should not be made for this, because the Moon is also Marrakesh for Gemini ascendant. However, if the Moon, being the lord of the second house in the horoscope, is situated in the ninth, tenth or eleventh house or is self-occupied in the second house on Cancer, then wearing pearls in the mahadasha of the moon gives wealth.
  4. Moon is ascendant in Cancer ascendant. Therefore, such a person should wear pearls for life. It is very fruitful in every case. It gives health benefits, prolongs life and saves from economic crisis.
  5. Moon is the lord of twelfth house in Leo ascendant. Therefore, the native of this ascendant must wear pearls. But if the Moon is situated in its own Cancer sign in the twelfth house, then a pearl can be worn in the Mahadasha of the Moon.
  6. Moon is the lord of eleventh house in Virgo ascendant. The eleventh house is the place of profit. Therefore, wearing pearls in the mahadasha of the moon gives financial benefits, fame, fame and children etc.
  7. Moon is the lord of the tenth house in Libra ascendant. Although Moon and Ascendant Venus are not friends, but the people of Libra ascendant get state-grace, fame-kidness and honor-respect by wearing pearls. Wearing pearls in the Mahadasha of Moon will be particularly beneficial.
  8. Moon is the lord of ninth house in Scorpio ascendant. The ninth house is the place of luck. Therefore, when the native of Scorpio ascendant wears pearls, there is progress in the matter of religion, karma and luck. Father gets happiness. And fame increases. Wearing this gem in the mahadasha of the moon gives special benefits.
  9. Moon is the lord of the eighth house in Sagittarius ascendant. Eighth house is the antidote. Therefore, wearing pearls by the natives of this ascendant will make the moon powerful and harm health. Therefore, the people of this ascendant should not wear pearls.
  10. Moon is the lord of seventh house in Capricorn ascendant. Seventh house is the mortal place. Therefore, the people of Capricorn ascendant should never wear pearls. Second thing- Saturn is the lord of Capricorn ascendant. Saturn and Moon are enemies of each other. Therefore, wearing pearls will not be beneficial for the people of this ascendant.
  11. This is almost the same situation for Aquarius ascendant as well. Moon is the lord of 6th house in this ascendant. The sixth house is the enemy-place. Apart from this, the lord of Aquarius ascendant is also Saturn. Therefore, if the natives of this ascendant wear pearls, unintentionally, enmity will increase and health will decline.
  12. Moon is the lord of the fifth triangle in Pisces ascendant. Fifth house is the place of learning, intelligence etc. Therefore, wearing pearls will greatly benefit the native of this ascendant. They will get children’s happiness, learning-benefit, fame-kirti and honor-respect etc.


Defective pearls cause harm to humans. Therefore, the following types of pearls should never be taken

  • That which is broken. It is harmful. Wearing it increases instability in a person.
  • Which is a mandala, that is, around which a circular line is visible. Such a pearl is injurious to health. It makes the heart weak and sick.
  • Which is lined, that is, the pearl in which there is a wavy line. by wearing it there is financial loss.
  • In which spots of one or more colors appear. Wearing it gives strength-intellect and semen is destroyed.
  • In which there is a small black spot anywhere. It is considered inauspicious. It is injurious to health.
  • The one which has no luster is an inauspicious pearl. This increases poverty and unemployed.
  • Which is unformed and long. This destroys strength and intelligence.
  • Whose womb saw a long line. It increases sorrow.
  • Which is of copper color. It is a total destroyer.
  • Which is red or like the color of blood. It increases sorrow and poverty.
  • Which is flat. It increases anxiety by snatching happiness and good fortune.
  • On which there is a thick black spot. It is very harmful for the child
  • Which is flat and square. It cause fight with the partner of the holder.
  • The one with three angles. It makes the holder impotent and strengthens the intellect. destroys.


Pearl is the gem of the moon. Those whose moon is wehak, weak or corrupt in their birth chart, they must wear pearls. It should be taken in the following positions of the moon

  • If the Moon is with the Sun or next to the Sun in the horoscope should wear pearl.
  • If it is placed before the five signs, it becomes weak. Then one must wear pearls
  • The moon lying in the center is lighter. In such a situation, the holder will get the pearl’s beneficial.
  • If the Moon being the second or the lord of wealth (Gemini in the ascendant) is situated in the sixth house of the horoscope, then wearing pearls is preferable.
  • If the Moon is in the twelfth house by becoming the fifth lord, in the second house through the seventh house, in the fourth house by becoming the ninth lord, in the fifth house by being the tenth house and in the sixth house being the eleventh house, then such a person should be placed in the sixth house as soon as possible. Pearls should be worn.
  • If the ascendant moon is in the seventh house, the fourth moon is in the ninth house, the fifth moon is in the tenth house, the seventh moon is in the twelfth house, the ninth moon is in the second house, the tenth moon is in the third house and the eleventh moon is in the fourth house, then that person Pearls should be worn immediately.
  • In whose horoscope the Moon is situated in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, he must also wear pearls.
  • In whose birth chart, the Moon is associated with Rahu, Ketu or any of the planets. If sitting together, wearing a pearl will be very beneficial.
  • If one or more of the planets Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn are on the Moon on should must wear pearls
  • If there is a vision-problem then such a person should definitely wear pearls. If the Moon is placed in the 6th or 8th house from its zodiac, then wearing a pearl will be very beneficial.
  • If the Moon is debilitated, retrograde or astagat or is forming an eclipse yoga with Rahu, then wearing pearls will prove to be very beneficial.If the Moon’s Mahadasha or Antardasha is going on by Vimshottari method, then such a person must also wear pearls.


Pearl is born or created naturally, that is, it arises from the union of sensory substances in the stomach of oysters and snails. Therefore it is of utmost importance in the field of medicine. It has been used for various diseases in Ayurvedic and Unani medicine since ancient times. But in some texts it has been warned that pearls should not be used without purification, otherwise it gives the opposite result i.e. aggravates the disease. It is possible to treat the following diseases

  • Pearls contain about 90 percent lime. Therefore, pearl benefits miraculously in diseases caused due to calcium deficiency.
  • Applying anjana of pearl powder gives relief from eye diseases. This also increases the light of the eyes.
  • If there is a stone disease, then taking pearl ash with honey gives quick benefits.
  • In case of burning sensation in urine, take the ashes of pearls with water of Kevada. Will benefit immediately.
  • If there is more heat in the body then it is better to wear pure pearls. The ashes of pearls act as a panacea in piles and joint pain.
  • Fever is reduced by treating it in tuberculosis.
  • Moti ka Bhasma or Pishti is very beneficial to increase memory power. It cures all diseases related to mania and air disorders.
  • Digestive power improve good by using pearl ash. Its ashes prove to be very beneficial in the case of leucorrhoea in men and leucorrhoea in women.
  • It removes tiredness and weakness.
  • Moti ka Bhasma strengthens the heart. In case of typhoid, put the pearl in a vessel and fill it with water. Drinking the same water to the patient gives quick benefit and the weakness keeps on going.

The names of some famous medicines made from pearls are as follows- Mukt Panchamrit Churna, Basant Kusumakar etc. You can also consume these medicines, but after taking advice from a good Ayurvedacharya.


Pearls of 2, 4, 6 or 11 ratti (Any weight) should be worn in a silver ring. It should be bought on Monday or Thursday. Then on any Monday of Shukla Paksha, after performing worship according to the rituals and chanting the mantra Om Somayah 11000 times, it should be worn in the evening.


Those who cannot buy pearls, they should wear its Uparatna Nimru. It is a gem of Moon. Its color is milky-white like silver, although it is not as beneficial as a pearl, yet it benefits the holder.

Chandrakanta Mani or white topaz can be worn instead of pearls. But it should be kept in mind that diamond, emerald, onyx, sapphire and garlic should never be worn with pearls or its substitutes.

Apart from Nimru, Chandrakant Mani can also be worn. it really has a white topaz. If both pearls and Chandrakanta gems are worn in the same ring, then the desired result is obtained immediately. The holders of pearls can also wear white sang, neel sang and gauri sang.


The classification about pearls in the ancient religious texts of India is as follows

  1. GAJ MUKTA : Pearl of this category is considered the best. It is a rare gem • and is very difficult to obtain. It is believed that elephants who are born in Pushya or Shravan Nakshatra on a Sunday or Monday in the Uttarayan period, often have this type of pearl in their head. Apart from this, this pearl is also found in the dental corpus of elephants or Kumbh sites. It is curvy, aliphatic and bright. On seeing this, there is a feeling of coldness in the eyes. if it’s a good time If worn in it, then all the troubles go away. There is an atmosphere of happiness, peace and happiness in the whole house.
  2. SHARP MUKTA : It is said that this pearl is found in the head of a snake of the superior Vasuki caste. As the age of these snakes increases, so does this pearl – such a belief is prevalent among the people. It is light blue in colour, pungent and very effective. This is also a rare gem, so it is obtained with great difficulty. Wearing it removes all kinds of obstacles and sorrows and the effect of poison ends.
  3. VANSH MUKTA : This gem is obtained from the stomach of the fish. Its shape is like a gram, yellow in color and shiny. Due to this, light is produced in the water. If it is worn and immersed in the river, then the objects inside the water can be clearly seen by its light. It acts like a panacea in tuberculosis.
  4. AKASH MUKTA : It is said that in Pushya Nakshatra there is occasional rain of such pearls from the clouds of the overcast sky. During this entire rain, only one or two pearls fall down. It is sharp and circular like electricity. The person wearing it becomes supremely brilliant and lucky. Many times in life he gets treasure or buried money.
  5. SHANKH MUKTA : Shankh-Mukta is usually found in a conch called ‘Panchjanya’ located in the ocean. It is often found during tides. Such a pearl is situated in the navel of the conch shell. Its color is light blue, curvy and beautiful. Three lines are drawn on it like Yagyopaveet. It cannot be tied either. It doesn’t have shine. It is curative and helpful in removing every deficiency.
  6. MEGH MUKTA : If there is a Pushya or Shravan Nakshatra on Sunday, then a pearl of this category falls somewhere in the rain of that day. Its color is like a cloud with an intact glow. There is no shortage of any kind in life by wearing it.
  7. SHUKAR MUKTA : This pearl is obtained from the brain of a pig born in the Varah range during its puberty. It is yellow round, beautiful and shiny. Pig pearls are very beneficial for Vasiddhi. It sharpens the memory power. Wearing a boar pearl to a pregnant woman benefits the son.
  8. SHEEP MUKTA : The pearls discussed above are rare and are found in very small quantities. In fact, most pearls are obtained from oysters. Japan is considered the richest country in the world today only because of this industry. There, artificial pearls are also prepared from oysters. Japan has the largest number of pearls in the world. According to religious scriptures, when a drop of water that has fallen in Swati Nakshatra is consumed, then a pearl is born. The Moon has full effect on it. Its shape is of many types. They are round, shapely, long, shapely, sharp and flat – all types. Although such pearls are found in all the seas of the world, but the pearls found in the Gulf of Shyam and Basre are said to be of the best class. People with Moon influence should especially take the pearl of Basra. Of the beads of Basra, which have a round shape, are considered the best. Its color is light yellow. Wearing it brings wealth, wealth and happiness. Health also remains fine.

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