Ruby is a very valuable gem. It is also called manik or manikya in hindi. It is known by many names in Sanskrit, such as Lohit, Padmaraga, Shonaratna, Ravi Ratna, Shonopal, Vasu Ratna, Kuruvinda and Saugandhik etc. , It is called Chunni in Hindi-Punjabi, Yakut in Urdu-Persian, and Ruby in English. Generally rubies are made from three types of stones. The ruby produced from Saugandhik stone is brown in color. Its brightness is intense. But the ruby, derived from the Kuruvinda stone, is Krishna mixed, soft radiance and other metals. The ruby, which is made out of crystal stone, is of many colors, wonderful radiance and pure. It is found in red, red, lotus-like, vermilion, light blue colors etc. A genuine and flawless ruby has a light blue aura, from which rays of red color emerge. Due to these characteristics, it is called Surya-Ratna.

From the point of view of science, ruby is a mineral stone, in which a mixture of elements like aluminum, oxygen, iron and chromium etc. It has a hardness of 9, relative density 4.03, character index 1.776–1.770, repeatability 0.008, dichromaticity, and the chemical composition is aluminum oxide.In terms of hardness, the Kurundam group of gems is second only to diamonds. Among the gems falling under this group, Sapphire, Red and Emani etc. were identified in ancient times. According to scientific discoveries – they are all made up of the same type of elements, that is, aluminum and oxygen are at the core of their composition. Apart from Laldi and Neelam, there are some other gemstones in this group, which are quite popular due to their bright colours. But the luster of ruby is amazing and unique in itself.


Ruby is a very ancient gem. The best and purest ruby in the world is found in Varma (Myanmar). Apart from Varma, this gem is found in Kabul, Sri Lanka and on the banks of the Ganges river in India, in the hilly areas of Vidhyachal and Himalayas. It is also occasionally found in Kashmir. There is news of getting its mine in a place called Keegiyan of South India. It is also available in the Taganica region of Africa, but it is not considered good because of its churry.

The mines of Ann have been famous for rubies for centuries. This is where you can get the best results. These mines are located in the Mogol district of northern Burma, but that place is a small area of ruby-storey. It is owned by a British company ‘Wee Nice Limited’. Earlier these mines were owned by the dynasties.

Fine quality rubies were with Varma’s dynasties. But many of them got out of their hands and reached Britain, America and other countries. In the year 7 AD, the king of Varma had sold two good types of rubies due to some compulsion. One of these was 47 carats and the other 37 carats.


Artificial ruby was born 91 years ago from today. In 1909, by synthesizing aluminum and oxygen, artificial ruby was manufactured. Their value is very less as compared to natural and pure ruby.

For example -If the price of pure ruby is assumed to be Rs 500 per carat, then the value of artificial ruby will be only two shillings per carat.


Although ruby is a mine of qualities, but mainly five qualities are found in it.

It is aliphatic, lustrous, watery, sharp and shiny.

There is a slight warmth and some heaviness-like feeling when taken


We can test natural, real and pure ruby in the following four ways

  1. If a ruby is placed on a lotus bud, it immediately blossoms. If it is not so, then ruby should be considered as fake, impure and artificial.
  2. When ruby is put in cow’s milk, the milk appears pink.
  3. If a ruby is placed in a silver plate and placed in front of the sun, then That plate will be filled with red color.
  4. Keeping a ruby in a glass vessel will make it look like that vessel bloody rays are erupting from the stone

Of these four methods, the first is the best and most scientific. Only the one that meets its test is pure ruby. Apart from these, there are some aspects through which a pure and flawless ruby is identified. A defective ruby is not only ineffective, but wearing it gives the opposite result. Hence, caution is required in this matter.. Apart from these buyers should must ask for Lab Testing Certificate. Here at we offer lab certified gemstone.


A defective ruby is harmful to humans. Therefore, the following types of rubies should never be taken

  1. That which is numb means that which does not shine. If it is worn by mistake, the holder will suffer from his brothers in one way or the other.
  2. One who is milky or milky, that is, whose color is like milk. this livestock by destroying it disturbs the mind.
  3. Which is a lattice, that is, in which there are horizontal lines. it’s in the familycreates strife.
  4. Which is Duranga, that is, in which there are any two colors. This causes trouble for the father. One who is smoke, that is, whose color is like smoke. Divine wrath on it’s holder tears up
  5. That which is incision, that is, in which the incision is made. This causes a blow from the weapon.
  6. One who is dirty, it is considered inauspicious. Its wearing causes many diseases, especially stomach diseases.
  7. Which is trident or triangle or triangular. in the birth of a child creates an obstacle.
  8. Which is white or black. This fame, fame, honor and wealth does the loss. If there is a pit, wearing it causes diseases.
  9. One who is monogamous, that is, having many of the above defects at once. Such a ruby is considered very inauspicious. Because it is fatal. Any untoward incident can happen at any time.


Ruby is actually a sun-gem. Everyone knows that the Sun is said to be the soul of Kaal Purush. This malefic planet is copper-like in color, resplendent and is the owner of the east direction. If the position of the Sun is not right in the horoscope, then ruby must be worn. Ruby can also be worn in the following positions of the Sun in the horoscope

  • If there is a Sun in the Ascendant, that is, the Sun in the ascendant, has children, obstacles, little children and It is painful for the woman. Such a person should never wear ruby.
  • Wealth-place i.e. Sun in the second house is a hindrance in the attainment of wealth. Such a person faces many obstacles and difficulties in the job. Wearing ruby in such a situation is very beneficial.
  • Must wear. → Sun in 4th house creates obstacles in livelihood. so like this, One should wear ruby.
  • If Sun is in the sixth or eighth house being Bhagyesh, Dhanesh or Rajesh,So wearing ruby is useful.
  • If the Sun is situated anywhere at the time of birth and is looking at its constellations – Uttara Phalguni, Krittika or Uttarashada with full vision, then such a person should wear ruby.
  • If Sun is the lord of the fifth house, then wearing ruby will be beneficial for immense gains and progress.
  • Sun in seventh house is harmful for health. Therefore, it is beneficial for such persons to wear ruby.
  • If the Sun is in the eighth or sixth house in the horoscope, the fifth or ninth house If it is situated in , then the person should wear ruby.
  • If the Sun is situated in the eighth house from its house in the horoscope; So such a person should wear ruby as soon as possible.
  • Sun in the eleventh house creates anxiety about sons and is harmful for elder brother. Such persons must also wear ruby.


According to the twelve zodiac signs, ruby produces gentle behavior

  • In Aries ascendant, Sun is the lord of Panchak triangle and Lagna is a friend of Mars. Therefore, the people of Aries ascendant can wear ruby for growth of intelligence, happiness of children and to get royal grace. Wearing it in the Mahadasha of Sun will be highly beneficial. Sun is the lord of the fourth center in Taurus ascendant, but he is the lord of the ascendant Venus is the enemy. Therefore, people of this ascendant get rubies only in the Mahadasha of Sun.
  • It would be good to wear it in itself. This leads to mental peace, maternal happiness and
  • Vehicle mileage is available. Sun is the lord of third house in Gemini ascendant. Therefore, wearing ruby will never be beneficial to the person of this horoscope.
  • Sun is the lord of wealth in Cancer ascendant. At the same time, that Ascendant is a friend of Moon, so the people of this ascendant can wear ruby in the time of wealth or trouble in the eyes. But in the second place, along with wealth, there is also an antidote, so wearing pearls along with ruby will be beneficial.
  • Sun is ascendant in Leo ascendant. Hence ruby for the people of this ascendant will prove to be very beneficial. Such people should wear this gem for life. Due to this the holder can remain fearless in the midst of enemies. This protects mental and physical health. Along with this there is also an increase in age.
  • Sun is the lord of the twelfth house in Virgo ascendant. So the people of this ascendant one should never wear ruby.
  • In Libra ascendant, Ascendant is the enemy of Venus. It is the lord of the eleventh house. Therefore, the people of this ascendant should wear ruby only in the Mahadasha of the Sun.
  • In Scorpio Ascendant, Sun is the lord of the tenth house and the friend of Ascendant Mars. Therefore, wearing a ruby is especially beneficial for royal grace, respect, business and job advancement.
  • In Sagittarius Ascendant, Sun is the lord of the ninth house, which is considered to be a sign of luck. In this ascendant, Ascendant is the friend of Jupiter. Therefore, the people of this ascendant can wear it for financial benefits, fortune-telling and father’s happiness etc. In the Mahadasha of the Sun, this gem will prove to be particularly beneficial.
  • Sun is the lord of the eighth house for Capricorn Ascendant. The ascendant of Capricorn ascendant is Saturn. Everyone knows that there is ultimate enmity between Saturn and Sun. Therefore, the person of this ascendant should never wear ruby.
  • Sun is the lord of seventh house in Aquarius ascendant. Seventh house is the Marak place. Also Sun is the enemy of Saturn, the lord of Aquarius ascendant. Therefore, ruby will not be beneficial in any way to the people of Aquarius ascendant.
  • Wearing ruby will not be beneficial for the people of Pisces ascendant.


Buy a pure ruby of at least two and a half ratti on Sunday, Monday or Thursday and get it fixed in a gold ring. Then it should be worn at sunrise on any Sunday of Shukla Paksha. Before wearing it, it should be kept immersed in raw milk or Gangajal. Thereafter, after bathing with pure water, worship him with flowers, sandalwood and incense sticks. Along with this, the mantra Om Ghrinih Suryay Namah should be chanted 7000 times. Wear it on the index finger of the right hand.


Ruby is an expensive gem. Not everyone can afford it. Therefore, instead of this, they can wear Laldi (Spinale), Red colored Tamda (Garnet), Suryakant Mani or Zircon. If ruby-coloured aqeeq (agate) is found, it can also be worn.


Ruby is very beneficial for blood related disorders. Consuming its ashes has amazing benefits. In Ayurveda, it has been said about ruby from the medical point of view – Manikya Deepan Vrishyam Kafvatakshayartinut. That is, ruby is very beneficial for vata-pitta destroyer and various diseases of the stomach. Its ashes create longevity. Along with this, it proves to be very effective in tuberculosis, colic, boils, metal, poison, eye disease and leprosy. Its ashes should be used in these diseases. its pills are also available in the market. It is a perfect medicine for jaundice and anemia. Apart from this, ruby is also beneficial in the following diseases.

  • If bloody diarrhea is occurring, then giving that person washed ruby water gives immediate benefits.
  • If someone has diseases like diarrhoea, diarrhoea, then wearing a ruby ring is beneficial.
  • In case of indigestion, ruby-irrigated water is particularly beneficial.
  • In the case of nausea and bloody piles, the ashes of ruby are like a panacea and brings benefits.
  • If there is a ruby in the house, then germs are destroyed by it and the environment becomes pure.


Laldi is also called ‘Sub-Gem of Ruby’. It is called ‘Lal’ in Persian. Those who are unable to buy ruby should wear Laldi instead. Because its price is less as compared to ruby. 10 Types of Laldi are found

  1. Sindoori colored.
  2. Color like canner flower.
  3. Of pink colour.
  4. Like frozen blood
  5. Bright coloured
  6. Pearl colored.
  7. Pomegranate bud colour.
  8. Clear red
  9. Like a rose that blooms in the month of Chait.
  10. Ocher colored


When pure Laddi is kept in cotton in the midday sun, it becomes hot in no time and the cotton gets burnt due to its heat. If it is not so, then the reddi should be considered fake or impure.


The properties of Laldi are similar to that of a ruby. That’s why sometimes ruby is taken as Laldi and Laldi is considered as ruby. This mistake is often made even by an experienced jeweler. The large red rune in the British crown, formerly thought to be a ruby, was actually catkiz (spinal). Clever jewelers distinguish between Laldi and Manikya very carefully while the common man can hardly distinguish between the two.


Laldi is a quick effective gemstone. Wearing this removes poverty. All kinds of wealth increase. Faith in religion grows. Yogas for pilgrimage are made. The shadow of ghosts and diseases and diseases are removed in the house. If the Sun is inauspicious in the horoscope, then by wearing it, it becomes positive.


Laldi is a quick effective gemstone. Wearing this removes poverty. All kinds of wealth increase. Faith in religion grows. Yogas for pilgrimage are made. The shadow of ghosts and diseases and diseases are removed in the house. If the Sun is inauspicious in the horoscope, then by wearing it, it becomes positive.

If Laldi is not pure then it proves to be harmful. Therefore, it should be worn very carefully after examining it. One should never wear faulty Laldi. Some aspects of harmful laldi are given below

  1. In which a vertical line is visible, it creates obstacles in the weapon. In which there are many small lines, it is harmful for the woman.
  2. Which has dark spots, it destroys wealth. Which has two colors, it increases the number of opponents.
  3. If there is a net, it is fatal for the body. in which the pit is visible, it is harmful to the livestock.
  4. Through which the reddi can not be easily seen. this cause heart disease
  5. Generates which has dots or white spots, it is the cause of the disease.
  6. The stones which has black dots also creates obstacles.
  7. Honey with a dotted rash is fatal. In which light red specks are seen, that creates child obstacles.
  8. Anything that is foggy or indistinct is fatal.

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