Diamond is the gem of Venus, that is, its owner is the planet Venus. It is also a rare gem. There are many types of mentions about diamonds in the ancient texts of India. For example – what is diamond, how it is, where it is found, what are its merits and demerits and in which areas it can be used etc. The diamond was recognized and used in ancient times in India and Borneo. However, diamond is a valuable gem. Nowadays its trend has increased a lot. It has different names in different languages. It is known as Indramani or Brajmani in Sanskrit, Almas in Persian, Heera in Hindi and Diamond in English. Diamond is also called Ratnaraj(King of Gems), because it is the best among other gems due to its quality, form and use.

From a scientific point of view, diamond is the hardest. Its hardness is 10.0. It cannot be scratched or rubbed with any other material. It has a relative density of 3.4 and a spelling of 2.417 to 2.419. Its spelling is higher than other gems. Because of this, the light entering it completely returns, that is, there is complete reflection of light. That is why the brilliance of diamond is more than other gems. This glow is called Diamond Light. In this, the dispersion is also higher than all the gems. This is the reason why a diamond segment that is finely sculpted has a rainbow-colored shimmer.

The desire to acquire knowledge about diamonds has been awakened in the human heart since ancient times. What is a diamond after all? What is the secret of the origin of diamond? We all have a desire to get knowledge about this. In fact, about 200 million years ago, 200 km inside the earth. When the pressure and temperature increased to a great extent in the depths of the earth, the coal itself took birth in the form of diamond.

Diamond is actually coal or carbon in its crystalline form. Another crystalline form of coal is also called graphite. A curiosity arises in the human mind that both diamond and graphite are crystalline forms of the element carbon. Yet why so much disparity and difference in the qualities of both? If one element is soft black coal then the other is in the form of a shiny gem. To understand this topic, scientists tried to know its internal structure by X-rays. It was eventually discovered that nature had specially decorated the carbon atoms in diamond, whereas in graphite differently. Due to this structure, there is so much difference and dissimilarity in the properties of both.

Knowing that diamond is a crystalline form of carbon, it has always been the desire of man to manufacture it in the laboratory. As a result of this, for the first time 40 years ago a laboratory in America actually made these diamonds. Diamonds have also been manufactured in India at the National Physical Laboratory (New Delhi). Diamonds are used in jewelery manufacturing as well as in the electronic industry.

Diamonds have many unusual properties as well as extraordinary optical properties. First of all, it has the property of being hard, which can be worn or scratched only by diamond. One more thing – no chemical substance (also hydrochloric acid) has any effect on diamond at room temperature. diamond optical

The qualities are also unique. Diamond is completely transparent to light of all kinds of colours. It has the highest refractive index among minerals.

Diamond has attracted everyone from ancient times – whether it is a king-maharaja or great scientist Newton, Einstein, Raman etc. Nobel Prize-winning Indian scientist Chandrasekhar Venkataraman has written in one of his memoirs about diamond – “Diamond is an important substance, about which the human mind has a special desire to know.”


Diamond was identified in India in ancient times, because it is described in detail in our ancient texts. It is also learned from them that at that time people used diamonds not only for jewelery but also for disease diagnosis and home peace etc. Diamond mines in ancient India were mainly in the south. Diamonds were found from the Piner river of Madras to the Son and Khan rivers of Bundelkhand. Golconda was famous for diamonds. At present, diamonds ranging from two thousand to four thousand carats are extracted annually from the mines of Madras, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Gujarat.

Like India, diamonds have been extracted in Borneo since ancient times. In 1725, diamond mines were started in Brazil, but due to the Portuguese rulers, this industry came to a standstill. Diamond mines were discovered in South Africa in 1867. At present, most of the diamonds are obtained from South Africa. Eight colors of diamonds have been mentioned in ancient texts, which are as follows

  1. Extremely white
  2. Kamalasan
  3. Vegetable green
  4. Spring colored like a marigold flower
  5. Blue as the neck of Neelkanth
  6. Shyamal
  7. Telia
  8. Yellow green.

Although diamonds have been classified in many ways, we will divide it into two parts for convenience and further the analysis. First, the gemstone diamond and the second, the industrial diamond.


The Gemstone Diamond is the focus of our topic. So we will discuss it in detail. According to the ancient texts of India, there are three types of gemstone diamond, male diamond, female diamond and neuter diamond and are described below—-


The male diamond is very shiny. Rainbow rays burst from it like when it is put in water, its glow emerges above. It has hexagons. Male diamond is white in colour. There are no lines in it and neither point this diamond is considered auspicious for everyone.


Female diamond is rectangular, flat or round. point and there are lines it.


The impotent/neuter diamond is round. It does not have angles and sharp edges. It is somewhat heavier than a male or female diamond.


Diamond has the following five main properties—-

  1. It is shiny
  2. It is smooth
  3. It emits rays
  4. It glows like a firefly in the dark
  5. It is of good water(transparency) and good ghat(shape)


The purity of a diamond is checked as follows:

  • If a diamond is put in the boiling milk, then the milk should become cold. If not, then the diamond is fake.
  • If a diamond is put in hot ghee, it starts solidifying immediately.
  • When a diamond is placed in the sun, rainbow rays emerge from it.
  • If a diamond is placed in the mouth of a lilac child, he immediately starts speaking in a stream.

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Diamond is a very precious gem. Ordinary diamond is also available at the rate of three to four thousand rupees per carat. Therefore, it does not seem appropriate to tell about its weight. Still, according to astrologers, diamond can be worn from 2.5 cents to one and a half ratti. The person who has the strength, he can wear a diamond of that weight. The diamond should be plated in a platinum or silver ring. It is best to get it done on Friday only. After worshiping the diamond studded ring methodically, chanting the mantra ‘Om Shukrai Namah’ sixteen thousand times, should be worn on any Friday of Shukla Paksha with reverence in the morning.


Diamonds have some special characteristics. There is no fear of ghosts by wearing it. Victory is achieved in the war and the power to subdue the enemies is obtained. It increases wealth, wealth and family. Wearing a diamond leads to erectile dysfunction and intoxication comes in sex-play. There is no effect of poison by this gem. It gives strength, intelligence and health.


Diamond can be worn in the following situations

  • Diamond is a poison-destroying gem. the person who roams in the forest or whose often frostbitten by poisoners, they must wear a diamond.
  • The woman or man who has a hindrance to ghosts and spirits, should wear a diamond.
  • Those who are weak in sexual intercourse or sex-play, with the wife is not satisfied, they should wear diamond. It also removes weakness. If there is a dispute between husband and wife in the house, then diamond should be worn.
  • If Venus is the lord of auspicious houses in a person’s horoscope, the sixth or 8th house, If it is situated, then they must wear a diamond.
  • If there is a business agent, who often has to meet many people or who wants to subdue each other lover or girlfriend. Yes, they will definitely benefit by wearing a diamond.
  • If there is a difference of Venus in the Mahadasha of any planet, then wearing diamond is extremely beneficial. Diamond is also worn to increase strength, semen and libido.
  • People with Libra or Taurus ascendant should also wear diamond.


Nowadays artificial diamonds are common. It is being sold in good quantity in the market. This trend is new, it is not the practice of making imitation diamonds has been there since ancient times. It has been clarified in ‘Garuda Purana’ that seeing the value and respect of diamonds, some cunning people engaged in manufacturing of fake diamonds. Such people make artificial diamonds from iron, topaz, onyx, vaidurya, crystal and glass. That’s why people should test it properly. Generally artificial diamonds are of four types –

  1. Synthetic
  2. Reconstructed
  3. Simulated
  4. Slick.

Commercially profitable synthetic diamond has not yet been made, but scientists are trying in this direction. One such attempt was made in 1955 by an American company ‘General Electric’. He created artificial diamonds from particles of graphite. • Such diamonds are often used as industrial diamonds. They are of no use as gemstones.


By wearing a defective diamond, the holder gets caught in many difficulties, so the following faulty diamond should never be worn

  • Which is Pitmukhi i.e. whose face is yellow. It destroy descent
  • One which is blood-faced means whose face is red. It destroys happiness and wealth.
  • One which is shyamjeevi means one which has dark complexion. It destroys strength, health and semen etc.
  • That which is thunder, that is, whose color is like smoke or smoke. This leads to the destruction of livestock. A diamond that has a pit. Wearing it destroys health and body.
  • That which is numb or does not shine. Such a diamond destroys wealth.
  • In which there is a sign like a crow’s paw. It is very bad. In which there are slanting lines. Wearing it will make the heart unstable and home(There is conflict in the family.)
  • Which has cut or has a sharp edge. By wearing it, there is a fear of robbery, theft etc. which contains dots of any color. It is considered extremely inauspicious, because such a diamond is fatal.


Diamond gives different results in each zodiac sign. Therefore, the behavior of the diamond of the zodiac is described briefly

  1. Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house in Aries ascendant, so there is a strong Marrakesh for the people of this ascendant. so they should not wear diamonds
  2. Venus is the lord of Taurus ascendant. Therefore, the people of this ascendant should always wear diamond. This would lead to health benefits, longevity and progress. Wearing a diamond in the Mahadasha of Venus is very beneficial.
  3. Venus is the lord of fifth and twelfth house in Gemini ascendant. In the fifth triangle, the original triangle amount falls. Therefore, Venus is considered to be the planet of auspicious Venus for this ascendant. But there is friendship between Mercury and Venus, the lord of Gemini ascendant. Therefore, such a person can wear a diamond only in the Mahadasha of Venus. It gives happiness, wisdom and strength. Along with this, there is fame, fame, honor and fortune. If the diamond is worn with the emerald, then the ultimate benefit will be obtained.
  4. Venus is the lord of fourth and eleventh house in Cancer ascendant. Therefore, scholars have considered Venus as an auspicious planet for the people of this ascendant. But the lord of Cancer ascendant is Moon and there is no friendship between Moon and Venus. Nevertheless, according to astrology, the fourth and eleventh houses are considered auspicious. Therefore, wearing a diamond in the Mahadasha of Venus is extremely beneficial.
  5. Venus is the lord of third and eleventh house in Leo ascendant. Therefore, it is not considered an auspicious planet for this ascendant. Therefore such people should not wear diamond. If Venus ascendant in the horoscope of Leo Ascendant, If it is situated in the second, fourth, fifth, tenth or eleventh house then wearing diamond in Mahadasha will increase wealth and honor.
  6. Venus is the lord of second and ninth house in Virgo ascendant. Therefore, Venus is considered to be a very auspicious planet for this ascendant. If such a person wears a diamond, then he/she gets all-round benefits. Wearing diamond is also beneficial in the Mahadasha of Venus.
  7. Venus is the lord of Ascendant in Libra ascendant. Therefore, its native can feel free to wear a diamond for life. Diamond helps the people of this ascendant like a shield. This increases health, age and fame and wealth. Diamond must be worn even in the Mahadasha of Venus.
  8. Venus is the lord of seventh and twelfth house in Scorpio ascendant. According to astrology, the seventh place is the antidote and the twelfth place is the expenditure factor. Apart from this, the lord of Scorpio ascendant is Mars. Mars and Venus have ultimate enmity. Therefore, people of this ascendant should not wear diamond.
  9. Venus is the lord of sixth and eleventh house in Sagittarius ascendant. Therefore, it is not considered an auspicious planet for this ascendant. Apart from this, the lord of Sagittarius ascendant is Jupiter. There is ultimate enmity between Jupiter and Venus. Therefore, the people of Sagittarius ascendant should not wear diamond.
  10. Venus is the lord of fifth and tenth house in Capricorn ascendant. Being the lord of the fifth triangle, Venus is considered to be a very beneficial planet for the people of this ascendant. Because there is ultimate friendship between Saturn and Venus, the lord of Capricorn ascendant. Therefore, diamond provides all-round benefits to the people of this ascendant.
  11. Venus is the lord of fourth and ninth house in Aquarius ascendant. Therefore, it is considered to be a very yogic planet for this ascendant. If the people of Aquarius ascendant wear diamond, then they get all kinds of worldly progress. Diamond must be worn in the Mahadasha of Venus.
  12. Venus is the lord of third and eighth house in Pisces ascendant. Therefore, it is considered very inauspicious planet for this ascendant. Apart from this, there is ultimate enmity between Jupiter and Venus, the lord of Pisces ascendant. Therefore, the people of this ascendant should never wear a diamond.


According to a book named ‘Bhava Prakash’ – the ashes of diamond destroys all diseases and increases strength and semen. Diamond pishti (pill) should never be used for this. Use only pure diamond ashes for disease prevention. This bhasma works like a panacea in heart disease, tuberculosis, prameha, pandu disease, impotence and dry diseases etc. Apart from this, the treatment of the following diseases is possible with diamonds

  • If the ashes of diamond is taken with honey in a mandagni, then this disease is cured.
  • The person who does not produce semen, has premature ejaculation or is unable to produce a child, he should consume diamond ashes with cream. This gives quick profit.
  • Wearing diamond is definitely beneficial in diseases like extreme weakness, diarrhoea, dyspepsia and air wrath.


Those who cannot buy a diamond, they should wear a diamond sub-gem. They cost less than diamonds. That’s why they are less effective. The sub-gems of diamond are- Simma, Kurangi, Datala, Kansala and Tanku diamond.

Those who cannot buy a diamond, should wear white topaz, zircon or white trumali weighing more than 3 ratti. Those who can not even buy them, they should wear white crystal (billaur), at least 5 ratti, in a silver ring.

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