Hessonite stone(Gomed) is considered to be the gem of Rahu, that is, it’s owner is the planet Rahu. It has different names in different languages. In Sanskrit it is called Gomedak, Pig Sphatik, Rahu Ratna, Gomed in Hindi, Zarkunia in Persian and Hessonite stone in English. Its color is similar to that of cow urine. Also this brunette looks like a mixed honey clump. It is commonly found on the banks of the Indus river, in countries like Myanmar, China and Arabia.

From a scientific point of view, it is a stone whose hardness is 7.5 and relative density is 4.65 to 4.71. Apart from being transparent, it is also opaque and semi- translucent. Its spectral index is 1.93 to 1.88, repeatability is 0.06 and dispersion is 0.047. It is actually a silicate salt of zirconium. Which is found in many colors like green, golden, yellow etc. Its appearance is most attractive in dark colors. It is also available in brown and sky colors.


Acharya Varaha Mihir has shed light on the origin of gems in ‘Brihat Samhita’, written on the basis of Purana-tradition. According to him, the semen of the demon Bali, which fell in the north part of the snow mountain, gave birth to Hessonite stone. each other According to the legend, Hessonite stone originated from the flour of the demon king Bali. After all, Hessonite stone is a very ancient gem. Not only India, it was recognized by many countries of the world since ancient times. It is found in countries like Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, India, South Africa etc., but onyx of Sri Lanka and India is considered good . In ‘Rasendra Chudamanikar’ it is said that the one which is light in color of cow’s fat, is the best Hessonite stone. It has a cow urine-like aura. It is smooth, clean, opaque, soft, light and heavy.


Pure and superior Hessonite stone is shiny, beautiful, smooth, of good quality and bright. It looks like an owl’s eye.


Hessonite Stone is often taken mistaken for a diamond because of it’s the irradiation is high. But it’s relative density is higher than that of diamond. We can check its accuracy in the following way

  • If pure Hessonite stone is kept in cow urine for 24 hours, then cow urine changes its color.
  • If pure Hessonite stone is rubbed in wood sawdust, then its brightness increases.
  • While the luster of the fake onyx is destroyed by time


On Saturday, after getting Hessonite stone inlaid in a silver or ashtadhatu ring, worship it according to the evening rituals and wear it in the middle finger. The weight of stone should not be less than 6 Rattis. Before wearing it, the mantra Om Raa Rahave Namah should be chanted 180 times.


Defective Hessonite stone is not effective, but proves to be harmful to the holder. Therefore, low type of Hessonite should never be worn.

  • In which there is no shine. This is especially harmful for women and is curative.
  • Whose color is not proper red. It causes various diseases.
  • Which is dry or dry. This lowers the prestige in the society.
  • Containing multiple colors at once. It is a waste of money. in which there is a pit. This destroys wealth and prestige.
  • In which there is a smudge of any other color. It is a livestock killer. Which is like a net. It destroys all kinds of pleasures.


Hessonite Stone can be worn in the following situations,

  • People whose zodiac sign or ascendant is Gemini, Libra, Aquarius or Taurus, they should Must wear Hessonite stone.
  • If Rahu is situated in Kendra places-1, 4, 7, 10 or eleventh house then Must wear Hessonite(Gomed).
  • Wearing Hessonite ston,if Rahu is in 2nd, 3rd, 9th or 11th house would be beneficial.
  • Wearing Hessonite Stone if Rahu is situated in the sixth or eighth house from its zodiac. Would be beneficial
  • If Rahu, being the lord of auspicious houses, is sixth or eighth from his house Hessonite Stone should be worn even if it is in place. It gives good results.
  • If Rahu is of debilitated sign i.e. Sagittarius, then Hessonite must be worn.
  • Rahu is the lord of Capricorn. Therefore, Hessonite stone for the people of Capricorn It would be good to wear.
  • If Rahu, being the lord of the superior house, is aspected by the Sun or with the Sun or is situated in Leo, then Hessonite stone must be worn.
  • Rahu is the main Marrakesh of politics. So those who are active in politics. This gem proves to be very useful for those who are engaged in form or want to do politics.
  • If Rahu is situated with Venus and Mercury, then Hessonite should be worn.
  • Rahu is the cause of sinful deeds like smuggling, theft, gambling etc. so these functions Hessonite proves to be useful for the people engaged in it.(our blog don’t encourage people do these things. Doing this will be your own matter and cause to sin(
  • Wearing Hessonite Stone for advancement in the field of advocacy, justice, royalty etc. gives immense success.


There are mainly two sub-gems of Hessonite Stone. Those who cannot buy Hessonite stone, they should wear these Uparatnas. But Uparatna is less effective than Gomed. Their sub-ratnas are Tursa and Safi.

TursaTursa is light yellow, clear-shiny and smooth. they are four available in colors – light yellow, red, green and black, it is most abundant It is found in places like Iran, Iraq, Arabia, Mecca etc.

SafiSafi is a beige-smooth gem. It has less shine. It is heavy on average and is often found in the Himalayan region of India and the Vindhya ranges.

In fact, onyx is a cheap gem. It is available for one to two thousand rupees per ratti. Therefore, its Uparatna or alternative should not be worn. Yes, Hessonite Stone color can be used in place of Hessonite Stone. Never wear ruby, coral, pearl or yellow topaz with Hessonite.


Some astrologers and gem experts have recently expressed the notion that Rahu is a shadow planet and not an existential planet. He does not have his own zodiac. Therefore, when Rahu is situated in the center triangle, fifth, ninth, third, sixth and eleventh house, then wearing Hessonite Stone in its Mahadasha is beneficial. If Rahu is in the second, seventh, eighth or twelfth house, then Hessonite should not be worn.


According to Ayurveda, Hessonite stone is a cough-pitta destroyer gem. It also cures tuberculosis and pandu disease. Due to this, digestion, blood, radiance of the skin and intelligence increase. It is very beneficial in indigestion, weakness of the brain and skin diseases. The following are the treatment of other diseases by this gems

  • Consuming ashes of Hessonite increases strength, intelligence and semen.
  • In diseases like epilepsy, wind and piles etc., taking its ashes with milk gives quick benefits.
  • Wearing Hessonite cures diseases of heat, fever, spleen, spleen etc.

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