Blue Sapphire is also a one of valuable and quick effective gemstone. Its lord is the planet Saturn. Like ruby, sapphire is also a gemstone of Kurundam group. Red gems of this group are called rubies and all other gems are called sapphires, such as white sapphires, green sapphires, purple sapphires etc. But especially the gems of sky, bright, dark blue, velvet blue etc. are called blue sapphires. It has different names in different languages. in Sanskrit It is known as Neelmani, Indranil Mani, Trishagrahi, Neelabil Yakut in Persian, Kabud, Neelam in Hindi and Blue Sapphire in English. From scientific point of view the hardness of blue sapphire is 8. It has a relative density of 40.3, a spelling index of 1.76, and a repeatability of 0.008. It is dichromatic, very clear, visible even without a microscopic viewer, brittle and has less dispersion than diamond.It happens. For this reason, the luster and brightness of blue sapphire is less than that of diamond.

On this basis a distinction is made between white sapphire and diamond.


Blue Sapphire has a long history. According to religious texts, Neelam was born from the eyes of the demon king Bali. There are two types of blur sapphires mentioned in Indian texts – first, Jalneel and second, Indranil. When there is whiteness inside the small blue sapphire, it is called Jalneel, while the heavy sapphire which erupts with a dark aura is called Indranil. In fact, it is a mixture of blue and red, that is, purple. The best blue sapphires are found in the Indian state of Kashmir. Neelam mine is situated near the village named Sumjam at an altitude of 14940 feet in the Janskar mountains. Gem experts believe that the best and famous sapphires have been found only in the mines of India. In the year 1887, the sapphire found in the treasury of Srilanka state was the largest and weighed 951 carats in weight. Apart from India, Sapphire is also found in Australia, America, Africa, Myanmar and Sri Lanka etc.


Blue Sapphire is the only gem among all the gems which shows its effect on sight. Therefore, utmost care should be taken in wearing sapphire. If the following events or things happen after wearing the sapphire, then the blue sapphire ring should be removed immediately

  • If the eye pain increases after wearing a blue sapphire or there is a difference in the face, then the blue sapphire should be removed immediately.
  • If after wearing Blue Sapphire, scary or bad dreams start coming at night. Immediately remove the blue sapphire.
  • Blue Sapphire should not be worn if something bad happens after wearing.


Mainly the following five qualities of a good blue sapphire are—-

  1. Its color is blue. But according to some astrologers, peacock feathers like Blue Sapphires colored are best
  2. Thin blue rays come out from it
  3. It is shiny and smooth
  4. It is clear and transparent.
  5. Its angles are curvy.


There are various ways to check the purity of blue sapphire. some of which are as follows:

  • If a straw is brought to a blue sapphire, it sticks to it. It intensifies in the sun. It emits bright rays.
  • If blue sapphire is put in a glass of water, clear blue rays are seen coming out of the water.
  • On keeping sapphire in milk, the milk starts appearing blue.


Faulty blue sapphires cause the most side effects. Therefore, blue-sapphire with the following types of defects should never be worn.

  • Which is milky in colour. It destroys Kul-Lakshmi.(Wealth)
  • Blue-Sapphire which has white streaks. This weapon to death
  • In which there is an incision. It increases poverty.
  • The one who is tough, this proves fatal for the children and the wife..
  • In which there are small red dots. It is toxic.
  • In which there is no shine. Such a blue-sapphire destroys dear brothers bonds.
  • In which there is a net. Such blue- sapphire aggravates the disease.
  • In which there is a pit. It increases hostility.


Blue-Sapphire gemstone should be worn on the middle finger(2nd finger) before sunset, after getting it fixed in a Panchdhatu or steel or silver ring, worshiping it according to the basic rules. The weight of blue-sapphire should not be less than 4 ratti. Before wearing it, the mantra Om Shanishcharaya Namah should be chanted 23 thousand times.


Wearer has to be very careful while wearing Blue-Sapphire. Blue Sapphire can be worn in the following situations

  • Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio ascendants are beneficial to wear Blue-Sapphire. It brings luck to these ascendant.
  • If Saturn is in the fourth, fifth, tenth or eleventh house in the horoscope, then blue-sapphire must be worn.
  • If Shani is sitting with 6th or 8th lord, then wearing Sapphire is the best.
  • If Saturn is situated in the 6th or 8th house from your house, then definitely wear Sapphire.
  • If Shani’s SadeSati is going on, then wearing Blue Sapphire is best.
  • If Saturn’s Antardasha is going on in the Mahadasha of any planet, then BlueSapphire must be worn.
  • If Saturn is with the Sun, is in the sign of the Sun or is aspected by the Sun, then still blue-sapphire should be worn.
  • If Saturn is situated in Aries in the horoscope, then wearing Blue-Sapphire is very important.
  • If Saturn is retrograde, ast or debilitated in the horoscope and is representing auspicious houses, then wearing blue-sapphire is considered best.
  • Those who are Shani Dev devotee person, they must wear Blue-Sapphire.


If Shani is situated in the twelfth ascendant from the birth ascendant or from the Moon, then this whole time is said to be the Sade Sati of Shani. Saturn stays in one sign for two and a half year. In this way, his tour of three zodiac signs is completed in seven and a half years. If a person’s Sade-Sati is inauspicious, then he must wear blue- sapphire.


Saturn gem Blue Sapphire also gives different results in each zodiac. Hence, the behavior of Blue Sapphire according to the zodiac is as follows

  1. In the horoscope of Aries ascendant, Saturn is the lord of tenth and eleventh house. Both of these are good friends. Still, being the lord of the eleventh house, Saturn is not considered an auspicious planet for Aries ascendant. Therefore, if Saturn is situated in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th or 10th house in Aries ascendant, then wearing Blue Sapphire in the Mahadasha of Saturn will be beneficial in every field.
  2. For Taurus ascendant, Saturn being the lord of ninth and tenth house is considered to be very auspicious and yogic planet. Therefore, the people of this ascendant should always wear Blue Sapphire. Due to this, honor, respect, happiness-wealth and royal grace etc. If Blue Sapphire is worn in the Mahadasha of Saturn, then there is a special benefit.
  3. Saturn is the lord of eighth and ninth house in Gemini ascendant. Being the lord of the ninth triangle, Saturn is considered a planet for this zodiac. If such a person wears Blue-Sapphire in the Mahadasha of Saturn, then it is beneficial. If Blue-Sapphire is worn with Emerald then it will be of utmost benefit.
  4. Saturn is the lord of seventh and eighth house in Cancer ascendant. Both these expressions are inauspicious. Also, Saturn is not a friend of Moon, the lord of Cancer ascendant. Therefore, people of this ascendant should not wear Blue Sapphire.
  5. Saturn is the lord of sixth and seventh house in Leo ascendant. Both these expressions are considered inauspicious. In addition, Shani Leo is also the enemy of Sun, the lord of the ascendant. Therefore, people of this ascendant should not wear Blue Sapphire.
  6. Saturn is the lord of fifth and sixth house in Virgo ascendant. fifth triangle Being the lord of Saturn, Saturn is considered an auspicious planet for this ascendant. Therefore, in the Mahadasha of Saturn, the people of Virgo ascendant should wear Blue Sapphire. Will definitely be beneficial.
  7. Saturn is the lord of fourth and fifth house in Libra ascendant. Also, there is friendship between Venus and Saturn, the lord of Libra ascendant. Therefore, if the people of this ascendant wear blue Sapphire, then they will get all-round benefits. Wearing Blue Sapphire in the Mahadasha of Shani is extremely beneficial. If it is taken with diamond and emerald, then there will be special benefits.
  8. Saturn is the lord of third and fourth house in Scorpio ascendant. Since the lord of this ascendant is Mars and there is enmity between Mars and Saturn, it would be better if such a person does not wear blue-sapphire.
  9. Saturn is the lord of 2nd and 3rd house in Sagittarius ascendant. both of these are considered bad have. On the other hand there is enmity between Jupiter and Saturn, the lord of Sagittarius ascendant. Therefore, people of this ascendant should not wear blue- sapphire.
  10. Saturn is the lord of 2nd house in Capricorn ascendant. So the people of this ascendant should always wear blue-sapphire. This gives them all kinds of happiness and prosperity and wealth.
  11. In Aquarius Ascendant, Saturn being the lord of the twelfth house on the one hand is inauspicious and on the other hand it is also extremely beneficial because of being the ascendant. Then his original trikona zodiac sign falls in the Ascendant. Therefore, people of Aquarius ascendant should always wear Sapphire. This stone acts as a special armor for such people and bestows happiness and good fortune.
  12. Saturn is the lord of eleventh and twelfth house in Pisces ascendant. Both these expressions are inauspicious. Therefore, Saturn is considered an inauspicious planet for this ascendant. Apart from this, Saturn is the enemy of Jupiter, the lord of Pisces ascendant. Nevertheless, if Saturn is situated on the second, fourth, fifth, ninth or ascendant in the horoscope of Pisces ascendant, then wearing sapphire in its Mahadasha can bring financial benefits. But astrologers believe that the people of this ascendant should never wear sapphire.


Only two sub-gems of Blue-Sapphire are found. Those who cannot buy blue-sapphire, they should wear these sub-gems. These are – Lilia and Jamunia

LILIA – it is blue in color with a light red color. It also has shine. Lilya is found on the banks of Ganga-Yamuna

JAMUNIAIts color is like ripe berries. Apart from this, it is also found in light pink and white colors. It is smooth, clean and transparent. Jamunya is often found in the Himalayan region of India.

Those who are unable to buy Blue-Sapphire or its sub-gemstone, they should wear Zircon, Catella (Amethyst) or Lajvard (Lapis Lazuli). Such people can also wear blue garnet, blue spinel or a completely transparent blue trumpet. Never wear ruby, pearl, yellow topaz or coral with blue sapphire.


According to Ayurveda, Neelam is a rasa, which completely destroys the troubles of phlegm, pitta and gastic. Apart from this, Blue- Sapphire Dopan is heart Vrushya Kalpa and Rasayana. Therefore, it is highly beneficial in debility of the brain or heart disease, asthma, cough kuru etc. There are other remedies through Blue-Sapphire.

  • In the case of haze, water falling, cataract etc., putting Blue-Sapphire in the water of Kevda and putting it in the eyes provides quick benefits.
  • Sapphire ashes are a panacea for madness. Cough, vomiting, blood disorders, fever, etc., by wearing to Blue Sapphire it terminate automatically.
  • It is very much effective for curing eye diseases.

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