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Lahusaniya or Cat Eye Stone is a gem of Ketu, that is, its owner is the planet Ketu. In Sanskrit it is called Vaidurya, Vidur Ratna, Bal Surya, Lahusiya in Urdu-Persian and Cat’s Eye in English. It has white stripes. Whose number is usually two, three or four. But the cat’s-eye which has only two and a half stripes, it is considered to be of the best quality. It is available in four colors –

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Yellow dry leaves
  4. Green light

There must be white stripes on all of them. These stripes are sometimes smoke colored. Apart from Sri Lanka and Kabul, it is found in Vindhyachal, Himalaya and Mahanadi regions of India.

Scientifically speaking, the relative density of Cat’s-Eye is 3.78 to 3.88, hardness 8.50, refractive index 1.755, double refractive index 0.010 and refraction 0.015. It is an aluminate of beryllium from the point of view of chemical composition. Vidalakshi, Mimophen or Hem Vaidurya is one of the three varieties of Cat’s Eye Stone. It glows like a cat’s eye in the dark. It has a silk-like luster or green color.


People were aware of cat’s-eye since time immemorial. Some of its features attracted our ancestors, which still attract people to them. Its unique properties are Vidalakshi eyes and milky-white, blue, green or gold-like rays emanating from it. These rays come out when it is shaken. It is found in pegmatite, neise and mica shale stones and sometimes in the sediments of streams. It is found in India, China, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Myanmar, but in Myanmar.

The cat’s-eye stone found in Mogov place is considered to be the best. The excellence of cat’s-eye stone has been discussed in ancient Indian texts.

Three distinctions have been made—-:

  • In which there is a radiance like bamboo or dhak leaves
  • In which there was a shadow like dawn.
  • In which there is an image like a cat’s eye.

Actually, the cat’s-eye which has black and white aura, is clean-spirited, sees auspicious-white clouds waving in between or has white lines, is best and best. The brighter and straighter this white stripe, the better the Lahsunia gemstone is considered. Sometimes, instead of streaks, there is a light on the cat’s-eye, which is called a sheet, which becomes clean by rubbing it on the chest. It is also considered to be good and auspicious lehsunia.


There are five properties of cat’s-eye stone, which are as follows

  • It is of good pier
  • It weighs more than its size.
  • It is shiny.
  • It is smooth.
  • It has stripes like Yagyopaveet.


The best Lahsuniya can be tested by the following method,

  • If Lahsuniya is placed on any bone, it will cut the bone
  • If it is kept in the dark, then the rays are seen coming out of it.
  • If it is rubbed on a white cloth, its shine increases.


Faulty Lehsunia also harms the holder. Hence the following Cat’s Eye Stone should never be worn →

  • In which white dots are visible. It causes mortal pain.
  • In which there is a splash like the color of honey. It harms business.
  • Contains five or more stripes. It is inauspicious in every way.
  • In which there is a splatter of blood. It cause court case and jail
  • Containing black dots. This leads to the loss of children and relatives. In which there are red and black splashes. This has the potential to cause an accident.
  • In which the incision is made. Wearing it brings disgrace in the society. containing white dots. It is the destroyer of fate.
  • Which is of two colors. Wearing it has to leave the house.


On Saturday, after getting Lehsuniya fixed in a silver ring, worship it methodically. Then with reverence, wear it in the middle or little finger at midnight. Its weight should not be less than 3 ratti. Before wearing it, the mantra Om Ketve Namah should be chanted 17000 times.


Those who cannot buy Cat’s Eye should wear its Uparatna. But they are less effective than cat’s eye. There are three types of Uparatna, Sangi, Godant and Godanti.

SANGI : The sangria is found in many colors, such as green, red, yellow, black, beige and white. It is smooth and shiny. It is often found in rivers originating from the Himalayas.

GODANT : Godant is shiny, smooth and light in weight gemstone of white color. It is found in Vindhyachal or Himalayan region.

GODANTI – Godanti is as bright as a cow’s tooth. This Gandak and Gomti is found in rivers.

If a person cannot buy Lahsunia or its Uparamna, then he should wear its substitute. In lieu of this, Dariya Lahsunia (Tiger’s Eye) can be worn. But ruby, coral, pearl and yellow sapphire should not be worn with it.


Some famous astrologers believe that Ketu is a shadow planet. He doesn’t have any value of his own. Therefore, when Ketu is situated in the ascendant triangle or in the third, sixth or eleventh house, then wearing lehsunia in its mahadasha is beneficial. If Ketu is situated in the second, seventh, eighth or twelfth house in the horoscope, then it should not be worn.


Lahsunia should generally be worn by those whose Ketu is corrupt or weak in their birth chart. But especially there are the following conditions of wearing it

  • QIf Ketu is second, third, fourth, fifth, ninth or tenth in the horoscope If it is situated in the house, then wearing Lehsunia becomes beneficial.
  • If Ketu is situated with Mars, Jupiter or Venus in any house of the horoscope, then Lahshuniya must be worn.
  • If Ketu is aspected by Sun or Sun in the horoscope, then wearing cat’s eye is considered good and auspicious.
  • If Ketu, being the ruler of auspicious houses in the horoscope, is situated in the sixth or eighth house from that house, then wearing cat’s eye stone is very auspicious.
  • If Ketu is situated with Panchmesh or Bhagyesh in the horoscope, then wearing lehsuniya is beneficial.
  • If Ketu is situated with Dhanesh, Bhagyesh or Chaturdesh in the horoscope or is aspected by them, then wearing Lahusaniya is preferable.
  • If Ketu’s Mahadasha or Antardasha is going on, then wearing Lashunia is very effective
  • Lahsuniya for advancement in things or situations related to Ketu, wearing it is considered auspicious.
  • If Ketu is situated with benefic or benign planets in the horoscope then wearing Lahsunia means Vaidurya is beneficial.
  • If a person has a fear of evils or ghosts, then he should
  • Wearing Lehsunia for retirement from birth defects related to Ketu is most preferable.


It is possible to treat the following diseases by Cat’s Eye Stone →

  • Eating the ashes of Cat’s Eye Stone in ghee removes nausea and increase semen.
  • If there is a disease of heat or gonorrhea, then consume cat’s eye stone ashes with milk, take morning and evening. pain will go away.
  • Indigestion, diabetes and rheumatism etc. diseases cured by wearing Lehsunia
  • By eating the ashes of brass and cat’s eye, almost all the diseases of the eyes are cured.
  • If bloody diarrhea is coming then take the ashes of cat’s-eye with honey. Immediately will benefit.

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