Since ancient times, in our great Indian culture, there is a lot of respect and reverence-devotion for the pilgrimages and for the special festivals that take place in them. In Indian culture, any virtuous festival, religious act, rites, rituals and holy ceremonies and festivals are not organized for the purpose of performance, self-satisfaction or entertainment etc., but often the main purpose of such religious and cultural events is self-purification and self-welfare. Similarly, in the conduct of religious rituals or festivals, not only the observance of tradition, but also the effort to carry out the rituals adorned with the dignity of ancient Indian (Vedic) culture, supported by scriptures.

Inspired by the good spirit of salvation-desire and public welfare by philosophic sages in ancient times, religious discussions and events of Bhagvat-lila hearing on the banks of rivers like Ganga etc. are also. The meeting of sages-maharishis, sages-saints and learned-people was meant for discussion on the worldly and transcendental system of the nation. Due to this, new consciousness was attained in the society and the supremacy of religious importance over the country, time and environment was also established. Thus the disintegration of Indian society was prevented by this system. At the same time it was a healthy system of spreading good thoughts and organization. Through this, it helped in creating an atmosphere of intimacy and religious harmony and in realizing the vision of social co-ordination and united nation.

Many important mantras are found in Vedas regarding Kumbh festival, which proves that Kumbh festival is very ancient and full of Vedic religion.


Even at the present time, in some form or the other, the universal ruling power of that Supreme Lord is being visible uninterruptedly in the form of Dharma. It is the result of the strength of the Varnashramis that the Supreme Father Supreme Soul also incarnated on the bodily surface and proceeds to lighten the burden of the earth by protecting the gentlemen, protecting the sages and destroying the wicked.

Various types of festivals were created by religious sciences. There is some or the other supernatural feature at the root of all, which only the thoughtful can understand. Among these great festivals, there is also the Kumbh festival, which is celebrated in four places of India

Although the meaning of the word ‘Kumbh’ is simply a pot, but behind it lies the creative good spirit of creation of entitlement in the masses, good wishes and inspiration for the salvation of the public mind. In fact, the word ‘Kumbh’ has its own beneficial meaning of the entire creation.

The purpose of the origin of Aquarius is to remove the sins of only human beings of the earth. This festival takes place every twelfth year at Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain and Nasik. In these festivals, all the sectarians from all the provinces of India come to take bath, meditate, worship.

The land of India, which is surrounded by alkali-sea is naturally tainted with the taint of filth. This is virtuous land. Geographically, in its four holy places, that Amrit-Kumbh was established, which emerged from that ocean-churning.

From the time point of view, such planetary yogas, which reveal and enlighten the nectar(Amrit) that has disappeared in the astronomy, appear in the four places every twelve years i.e. during the twelfth year of the year. Then the Ganges (Haridwar), Triveniji (Prayag), Shipra (Ujjain) and Godavari (Nashik) – these imperishable rivers flow amrit(nector) in their streams. That is, country, time and object all three become eligible for the emergence of nectar. As a result, there is the descent of Amrutghat or Kumbha.

The Kalchakra*(timezone) is not only the foundation of life’s activities; But all the rituals, rituals and rituals etc. are also based on Kalachakra. Sun, Moon and Devguru Jupiter have an important place in the Kalachakra. The sum of these three is the main basis of the Kumbh festival. Very rare Aquarius occurs on Amavasya Tithi in Prayag when Jupiter is situated on Aries and Moon and Sun on Capricorn. In this position all the planets are friendly and superior. When there is a meeting of friends and best people in our life, then only the best and auspicious thoughts arise and this yoga is pleasant in our life.

On the occasion of Kumbh, the followers of all sects, inspired by Indian culture and religion, gather and discuss for the unity, integrity, integrity of their society, religion and nation. The holy atmosphere of bathing, charity, tarpan and sacrifice does not remain without attracting even the deities. It is believed that on this great festival, all the Gods and other Pitras, Yakshas, Gandharvas etc., present on the earth, keep purifying not only human beings but all living beings with their holy presence.


Once upon a time, the demons and demons attacked the gods with a huge army. In that battle, the gods were defeated in front of the demons, then all the gods, including Indra, went to the shelter of Lord Brahma, taking Agni forward. There he narrated his whole condition very well. Brahmaji said- ‘You all walk with me in the shelter of the Lord.’ Having said this, he went to the north-bank of Kshirsagar with all the deities and addressed Lord Vasudeva and said – ‘Vishno! Arise early and do welfare of these deities. Due to lack of your help, the demons repeatedly defeat them.’ On saying so, Lord Antaryami Purushottama, having eyes like lotus, seeing the condition of the bodies of the deities, said – ‘Devagans! I will increase your glory. Do the remedy that I tell you. Together with the demons, bring all kinds of medicines and throw them in Kshirsagar. Then make the mandrachal a churner and Vasuki the serpent a neti (rope) while churning the ocean and extract nectar from it. I will help you in this work, by drinking the nectar that will come out after churning the ocean, you will become strong and immortal.’

Thereafter the gods and the demons churned at Ksirodasindhu near the Himalayas in the northern part of the earth, in which Mandarachal was the ‘Manthanand’, Vasuki was the ‘Neti’, the Lord in the form of a turtle was the back of the Mandrachal and Lord Vishnu was holding the said churning-dand, then fourteen Ratna-Lakshmi from that Kshetra-Lakshmi. , Kaustubh, Parijata, Sura, Dhanvantari, Moon, Garal, Pushpak, Airavat, Panchajanya conch, Rambha, Kamadhenu, Uchhaiah, Shrava and Amrit-Kumbh came out. At the behest of the gods as soon as the nectar-Kumbh emanated from those gems

Indra’s son Jayant flew into the sky carrying the nectar-urn. After that, according to the orders of Daitya Guru Shukracharya, the Daityas chased Jayanta to take back the nectar and after hard work they caught Jayanta in the middle of the way. After that, there was a continuous war between the gods and the demons for twelve days to gain the right over the nectar-urn. At the time of mutual fighting, the urn had fallen at four places (Prayag, Haridwar, Ujjain, Nashik) of the earth, at that time the moon protected from the discharge, the sun from erupting, the Guru from the kidnapping of the demons and Shani protected the Ghatki from the fear of Devendra. To quell the discord, the Lord took the form of Mohini and distributed the nectar to everyone and gave them a drink. Thus ended the Dev-Demon-War.

There was a constant war between the gods and the demons for twelve days for getting the nectar. The twelve days of the gods are equivalent to twelve years of men. Therefore, there are twelve Aquarius. Four of them are on the earth and the remaining eight are in the Devalok, which can only be attained by the gods, human beings do not have access there. At the time when the moon-sunlight planets protecting the Kalash come from the present zodiac signs, at that time there is a sum of Kumbha, that is, in the year on which the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are combined, in the same year, in the same zodiac where- Where the Amrit-Kumbh-Sudha-Vindu had fallen, there is the Kumbh festival.

Pawan Gupta