Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain and Nashik – at the time of Kumbh Yoga in the four decided places of Kumbh festival, for the welfare of the entire world, society, nation and religion etc. The great purpose of ‘Kumbh-Parva’ is to do world welfare with invaluable divine teachings.

On thinking about the spiritual mystery of the Kumbh festival, it is known that the householders who know the ‘Panchagni Vidya’ and those who are Vanaprasthi, Sanyasi or Naishthika Brahmacharingan, detached from the worldly passions, practice penance and truth-palanadika with devotion, they go through the Uttarayan path, that is, From Archimarg, one goes to ‘Brahmlok’ via Surya Lok. After residing there for many Kalptaks, and after returning from the same path by which he went, Indra stays in the same world and he does not come to the forgotten world. While living in the Indradi worlds, fortunately attaining enlightenment through Gurupadesh attains salvation, from which they do not come to this world, but instead get absorbed in Brahman and those who are ordinary householders living in the village do the Ishta-Agnihotradi Vedic Karma and Purta-vapi, Kupa. Tadagadi performs prestige and charity, sacrifices etc., they go to ‘Chandraloka’ by Dakshinayana-marga i.e. by Dhoom-marga. There they reside for a period of time and then become clouds etc. They are born on this earth by rain in the form of medicine, grass and vegetation. Those who are deprived of ‘Panchagni Vidya’ etc. and also from Agnihotra, Vapi, Coupe, Tadagadi, prestige, charity, sacrifice etc., they go to the vaginas of insects, kites etc. and again and again suffer the sufferings of birth and death. In this way the three movements of human beings after death are described in the Upanishads. Those who attain Tattvajnan by Gurupadesh before death, at the time of their death the soul along with the soul does not follow any of the aforesaid paths, but gets absorbed in the heart itself (Brahman). This best speed has been described in the Upanishads for the wise. In fact, the secret of celebrating Purna Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh is that on this festival, we come from far and wide to holy places like Haridwar, Prayag, etc. to get holy by bathing in the Ganges, and get knowledge through the teachings of the best scholars and have the right to do good deeds like penance, truth, charity, sacrifice etc. Practice so that after death we get the best, the best or the middle speed and never get the low speed.

There is no chance for anyone to doubt about the antiquity of the Kumbh festival, which is mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas. But it is definitely worth considering that who initiated the spread of Kumbh Mela in a religious way? After doing a lot of investigation in this subject it is proved that Lord Shankaracharya is the one who started the Kumbh Mela. It seems that he had done the campaign system of Kumbh festival only to strengthen the religious culture. According to his ideals, even today, in the four famous pilgrimages of Kumbh festival, saints-mahatmas of all sects, according to the country, time and situation, propagate religion from the point of view of public welfare, which leads to welfare of the entire human society.

Due to Lord Shankaracharya being the originator of Kumbh, even today the Kumbh festival is considered mainly for the sadhus. In fact, the congregation of sadhus is the life of Kumbha. The great purpose for which Lord Shankaracharya had started the Kumbh festival is also mentioned here

There has been a shortage more than necessary, it is not hidden from anyone. Today, every householder and sages and sages should again preserve the importance of Kumbh festival by invoking their thoughts and covenants in the fulfillment of the good purpose of Lord Shankaracharya.


In relation to the beginning of the Ardh Kumbh festival, some people are of the opinion that when the Hindu religion started getting attacked in the Mughal Empire, at that time the Shankaracharyas of all the four directions had called for the protection of Hindu religion by calling the sages and great scholars in Haridwar and Prayag. Since then Ardh Kumbh Mela started taking place in Haridwar and Prayag. Where there is a discussion of Kumbh festival in the scriptures, there is mention of Purna Kumbh only.

‘O saints! The Purna Kumbh comes after twelve years, which we see many times in the four pilgrimage centers – Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain and Nashik. Kumbh is called that period, which occurs in the great sky due to the combination of planetary signs etc.’.

In the four places Haridwar, Prayag, Ujjain and Nashik – Kumbh is held every twelfth year. But the order of the Kumbh festival of these four places is determined in this way, in Aries or Taurus, when both the Sun and the Moon come on Capricorn, then there is Kumbh festival in Prayag. After this, whatever be the interval of years, when Jupiter is in Leo and Sun is in Aries, then Kumbh takes place in Ujjain. In the same Barhaspati year, when the Sun stays on the lion, then there is Aquarius in Nashik. After that, at an interval of about six twelve years, when Jupiter stays on Aquarius sign and Sun on Aries then Kumbh happens in Haridwar. Ardh Kumbh takes place only in Haridwar and Prayag with an interval of six years between them.

In fact, the greatness of the Ardh Kumbh festival established by the Purvacharyas is immense; Because the purpose of the Ardh Kumbh festival is as special as the Purna Kumbh, which is very sacred and benevolent. Along with the promotion of religion through philanthropic festivals, great welfare of the country and society is ensured.

Pawan Gupta

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