It is well known that the gems of the Navagraha would have exactly the same qualities and properties as that of that planet, so they can be called the antenna of the representative contact thread. In wearing a gemstone, special attention should be paid to its weight and Muhurta. They should be bought and worn in their day and time period only. For example, while wearing ruby, the Sun is of Aries or Leo, the Moon has entered Leo, the day should be Sunday and there should be no Bhadra or Rikta Tithi. Dates 1, 10, 19, 28 are best or the date of friendly planets is 9, 18, 27 Tuesday. The choice of Muhurta should be done by a specialist astrologer.

Just as the timing and timing of wearing a gemstone are important, similarly the gemstone should be attached to the body for 24 hours. At the time of bathing and defecation, the gem should not be taken off and kep. Similarly, it is not suggested to remove the gemstone during meals and sleeping. They should be removed on some special occasions like going to the death or cremation of someone, during ancestral work, while consuming meat and liquor in food, hunting in the forest or doing any kind of chemical work. In those situations, there is a fear of the gem being contaminated, impure and ineffective.


While wearing the gems again, the mantras of the respective planets should be recited 108 or 11 times. The related mantras including the gems of the Navagrahas are as follows


It is the belief of common people that wearing gems increases profit and good luck. But very few people would know that wearing gems without consulting the scholars of astrology can also be inauspicious.

Gemstones being rare and valuable are out of public use. Only the wealthy, the rich and the capable are able to get the gems. But it is not necessary that all the gems are favorable for everyone. Wearing a gemstone can enhance it’s beauty, but it will be beneficial only when that gem is recognized by astrology towards the holder. Behind this, the subtlety of Rashmi-theory and time-science works. The influence of the environment is the source of favorable and unfavorable conditions at the time of wearing a gemstone. Astrology is the mirror of the environment. It gives an impression of astronomical, planetary and physical movements. In harmony with the same, astrologers advise which gemstone should be worn at what time, so that it can prove to be favorable to the invisible rays transmitted from space, planetary influence and environmental reaction. If such adjustment is not possible, then there is a possibility that it may become troublesome for the gem holder.

Prohibitory things related to wearing a gemstone If any gemstone is unreal, fractured, broken, with wicked signs, stolen,

Snatched by violence-killing, sanskar-less, life-prestige, having a forbidden character, artificial, inauspicious, or given by a patiki and unfortunate person, then it is completely discarded. There is always a possibility of loss by wearing such a gem.

The information related to various gems is as follows:

Ruby– Ruby is not auspicious for a person with Gemini ascendant. It is harmful for the native of Virgo ascendant to wear ruby. Ruby is not favorable for a Libra ascendant. Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant. Manikya’s reaction to this remains troubling. Onyx, sapphire or diamond should not be used with ruby in the ring.

Pearl : It is inauspicious for the native of Taurus ascendant. Accordingly, wearing pearls is prohibited even for those of Gemini ascendant. For Leo Ascendant, pearl creates the possibility of inauspicious results. The effect of pearls is not beneficial for a person born under Sagittarius Ascendant. The people of Capricorn ascendant are also prone to loss due to pearls. Similar inauspicious condition is also said for the people of Aquarius ascendant. It is a restriction with the natives wearing pearls that they should not wear diamond, emerald, sapphire or onyx despite having a favorable ascendant and planet.

Coral : Taurus ascendant should not wear coral, then it is better. Coral also gives unfavorable results to a person with Gemini ascendant. A Virgo ascendant can become troubled by wearing coral. The native of Libra ascendant should also not wear coral. People with Aquarius ascendant also get into trouble by wearing coral.

Emerald : Wearing emerald is inauspicious for the people of Capricorn-Aquarius ascendant. Apart from this, wearing emerald is inauspicious for the people of Taurus and Libra ascendant. Under no circumstances should pearls or coral be worn with emerald.

Yellow Sapphires : People with Aries ascendant get troubled by wearing yellow sapphire. Yellow Sapphire gives severe torture (up to death) to the people of Gemini ascendant. Virgo and Libra. Yellow Sapphire is completely discarded to the native of the ascendant. For Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendant.

Diamond – Wearing a diamond to the Aries ascendant creates the possibility of life-threatening problems, so such people should not wear diamonds. People born in Cancer and Leo ascendant are also unable to remain happy by wearing a diamond. Diamond creates many types of discrepancies in their life. If the native of Scorpio or Sagittarius ascendant wears a diamond, then he gets affected by many kinds of calamities. Therefore, such people have been prohibited from wearing diamonds. A person with Pisces ascendant should never wear a diamond. Those who have been allowed to wear diamonds are cautioned not to wear rubies, pearls or yellow topaz with diamonds. Such a combination of gems is inauspicious.

Blue Sapphire – Blue Sapphire is a very effective and sensitive gemstone which is related to the most cruel planet Saturn. It shows the zenith of its influence both in favor and in adversity. According to astrologers, before wearing blue sapphire, its effect should be tested experimentally and it should be worn only if it proves favorable. . Those people who were born in Cancer ascendant should not wear Sapphire. The reason for this is that Neelam creates a situation of life-threatening situation for them. The people of Leo ascendant also reach the limit of crisis by wearing blue sapphire. Some scholars prohibit blue sapphire for Virgo ascendant, while some other astrologers approve of wearing it in the Mahadasha of Shani. People with Scorpio ascendant should also not wear Blue Sapphire, it will be better for them. Blue Sapphire gives unfavorable results to Sagittarius ascendant. The person of Pisces zodiac gets into many kinds of troubles by wearing amethyst. Under no circumstances should coral, yellow sapphire, pearls or rubies be worn with sapphire. The contrast of Blue Sapphire with the planets that are against the nature sometimes takes a very fatal form.

Hessonite Stone : Wearing Hessonite Stone is troublesome for a person in whose horoscope Rahu is sitting in the second, seventh, eighth or twelfth house. It is forbidden to wear pearl, coral, ruby or yellow sapphire with onyx.

Cat’s- Eye : There are many types of taboos regarding Ketu-Gemstone Lahsunia Wearing Hessonite is prohibited for those whose birth chart has Ketu in the second, seventh, eighth or twelfth house. Since both Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets, hence the signs of influence and negation are also the same for both. In this way pearls, corals, rubies even with Hessonite or been advised not to wear.

Thus we find that the impact power of gems is unquestionable, but their accessibility and genuineness are questionable. Often even the biggest jewelers are not convinced of their purity. Reason – Today’s era is of adulteration, artificiality and disguise. The continuous new inventions of physics have created such artificial gems that even real gems hide their faces in front of their brilliance.

But this Roopashree may be attractive from above, but it cannot even partially create that divine and supernatural effect, which is present in the natural gems. No matter how much artificial gems shine, they do not have medicinal effect and lifesaving power. Yes, it definitely becomes an antidote due to misuse. Perhaps aiming at this distinction, someone had said – kachh kachah, mani: manih.

Pawan Gupta

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