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Rudraksha has been praised in Hindu scriptures and Puranas, nowadays its fame has spread to Europe and America. New research is being done in these countries regarding its supernatural and medicinal properties. And as a result new qualities are coming to light. A British researcher, Palhum, has told in one of his famous books on the subject of Rudraksha that even impossible tasks can be made possible by Rudraksha. Obstacles on the way can be overcome. Even fate can be changed by this.

American researcher Mrs. Susan has accepted in one of her articles that by using the system of Rudraksha, the desired child can be obtained by conceiving. With the help of Rudraksha, the disposal of deadly diseases of the body can also be tolerated. In the words of Susan, Rudraksha actually has many miraculous properties.

In Tantra-related texts, Rudraksha Mahatmya ranging from one-faced to fourteen-faced has been described as follows:

1 Mukhi Rudraksha – One Mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be the central form of the influence of Shiva-Shakti. Although it is unattainable, but whoever gets it, he surely becomes extremely fortunate. The person who sees, worships and wears it remains free from all obstacles and troubles. Spiritual knowledge is attained by this. It is round from Nepal and Haridwar Origin and half-moon shaped from Sri Lanka or RAMESHWARAM, However half moon bead is not much rare like round ones from Nepal and is easily available It is more dear to sages and sages, because it saves them (during sadhana) from many kinds of troubles. Helps Tantriks in attainment of accomplishment and protects their life in times of crisis.

2 Mukhi Rudraksha – It is usually of flat shape. It has the power to bring prosperity and protection. Also this effect of vashikaran Protects the pregnancy of women. universal captivity. It has proved particularly effective in the field.

3 Mukhi Rudraksha – It is full of divine power, superior, holy and supernatural. Its effect is soon visible for accomplishment in the field, success in efforts, attainment of favorable means, learning and gain of knowledge.If the patient of Tijari fever wears it, then he becomes free from disease. In all the effectiveness and divinity of this

4 Mukhi Rudraksh – This Rudraksha has power of Lord Brahma is actually contained. New tantriks are advised to wear it because it fills the store of knowledge in the empty skull. Due to this the seeker gets divine powers.

5 Mukhi Rudraksha – There is a special restriction in wearing this Panchmukhi Rudraksha. While wearing only one grain of any other Rudraksha is sufficient, its three grains should be worn. By wearing less than this, the seeker does not get the full benefit of Rudraksha and even after more efforts, he does not succeed in his objectives. It keeps them free from the sins of tamasic worship performed by Tantriks.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is extremely powerful and is supposed to protect the seeker from various kinds of worldly afflictions. If a grain of Charmukhi is also worn with it, then there is definite success in the development of intellectual power.

7 Mukhi Rudraksha – It is a disease-resistance, prosperous and the center of the powers of the seven matriarchs. It helps in attaining divine accomplishment. This is the favorite ornament of the neck of tantriks.

8 Mukhi Rudraksh – It is also a rare grain like one Mukhi. The person wearing it is protected from divine, physical and material troubles. Its Knowing the effect, Tantric people do not forget to wear it on their neck or arm at the time of Sadhna-Siddhi. It protects the seeker from bodily forces and evil spirits.

9 Mukhi Rudraksh – Those monks-sannyasis or Mahatmas who are samadhi in deserted places and forests, this grain is kept around their neck or tied in the arm. The reason for this is that this grain protects their body from enemies, fire, rain, earthquake, half, violent animals and ghosts.

10 Mukhi Rudraksha – This grain is a supplement to all desires, trouble-destroyer and disease-bearer. It should be worn after proving it through tantra-mantra.

11 Mukhi Rudraksha – The eleven-faced Rudraksha is all-powerful, all-enchanting and the power of Shiva resides in this mantra. By its regular practice, the seeker gets many types of divine powers. It should be worshiped by Tantric method.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha – This grain is also available with great difficulty. The seeker who wears it gets incorporation of medicinal properties. It helps the seeker to get various types of rare powers.

13 Mukhi Rudraksha – It is also a powerful and effective bead and You can hardly find it by searching as it is much. wisdom, reasoning, spiritual relation and all the wishes of material prosperity are fulfilled by its worship.

14 Mukhi Rudraksha – This wonderful and rare Rudraksha is very high in price and is also known as ‘Devamani’. Due to its effect, the seeker remains free from all troubles. It should be worshiped, held and eulogized with the help of tantric method and tantra-mantra.


Many troubles can be got rid of by the following use of different Rudrakshas

  • By wearing a rosary of double Mukhi Rudraksh, diseases like blood pressure of the planet Mercury will soon be quenched due to ill-effects.
  • Five Mukhi Rudraksha for all diseases arising due to inauspicious effect of Sun. It should be hung around the neck in Uttarashada Nakshatra by tying it in a pink thread. It is also particularly beneficial in eye diseases. In Ravi Pushya Yoga, five-faced Rudraksha equal to Amla in pink thread
  • Wearing it around the neck gives freedom from all types of heart diseases. On the day when Krittika Nakshatra falls or on any Sunday, put Panchmukhi Rudraksh in a pot of tamrapatra filled with water for soaking + then consume that water (a small bowl filled) daily on an empty stomach. chronic heart disease This will be fine.
  • With the help of green thread, six-faced Rudraksha is tied around the neck of Mercury in the hora. Hang. By doing this, the asthma patient will get relief in a few days.
  • Wear eight Mukhi Rudraksha in the right arm with the help of a red thread on any Tuesday in Mrigashira Nakshatra. It gives quick relief from liver and liver related diseases caused by the malefic effects of Mars.
  • By hanging the Elevenmukhi Rudraksha around the neck by threading it in a white thread
  • There is quick benefit in the disease of tetanus. It also eliminates the malefic effects of Venus. By putting fourteen Mukhi Rudraksh in water, just drink the water twice a day
  • Nausea and dizziness stops. → To pacify the burns of Sheetla, rub the double-faced Rudraksh in cow’s milk on a stone rock, and give it to the sick child every day.

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