The Importance Of Rudraksha Mala

The Importance Of Rudraksha Mala


The rosary is the best tool for reckoning the mantra during chanting. Chanting of one or the other mantra is mandatory in almost all the sadhnas. In the rules of Mantra Dwar Kamnapurti, it is necessary to complete a certain number of mantra chanting. In such a situation, the rosary is the best tool for counting the chanting. Although chanting can be accomplished by taking shelter of finger tips, flowers, grains of rice (Akshat) etc., but these mediums can be helpful only in small numbers of chanting. Chanting for a long time (in the number of thousands-lakhs) cannot be accomplished purely by them. Therefore, even for definite calculation, convenience and objective effect, the rosary is the best means of chanting. There are many types of garlands and they are made from different items. Any necklace worn around the neck is actually a garland. In the field of spirituality, garlands are made from Tulsi, Kamalgatta, Vaijayanti, Kushgranthi, Putrajiva, pearl, coral, conch, silver, gold, turmeric, Shivlingi and Rudraksha etc. Among these, Rudraksha garland has got the most importance from the point of view of quality effect. Each rosary has its own special quality. If any garland has been approved for any work, then the use of any garland is prohibited having said. Therefore, the seeker should choose the right garland according to his purpose, to use in the victory. By the way, garlands show their effect only by wearing them after chanting. A garland is made by threading small pieces, seeds or grains of an object in a thread. These grains are called beads or gems. Often in colloquial language they are called grains. Each rosary has 108 grains and a specific grain ‘Sumeru’. At the time of Jap starting from the first grain and reaching the last grain, immediately return backwards and chant in the opposite direction. It is strictly forbidden to move forward by crossing Sumeru. Therefore, the chanter should keep in mind that whenever he chants, move from the first grain to the last grain and from there without bringing Sumeru, then after reaching the first grain from the last grain to the first grain, move again towards the last grain. Chanting from the first to the last grain is a rosary. Since the mother is of 108 grains, so this equation is easy and accessible to determine the number of chants. Chanting this rosary means that the seeker has completed one thousand chants.

Why Is 108 Beads In Rudraksha Mala ?

The sages have given many arrangements on the number of Rudraksh grains that are disposed in the garland. These arrangements are based on objectives. It has been instructed to make a garland of 15 or 27 or 54 grains for general chanting, holding it in the arms or throat or for similar uses. This arrangement is also helpful in case of less number of grains (if full 108 grains of Rudraksha are not available). The rosary should be either full 108 grains or 54, 27 or 15. Numbers other than this like- 19, 36, 78 and 95 etc. are all forbidden. Therefore, whenever a garland is made, one of the above four numbers should be taken. After getting the above number of beads, make a garland and thread a specific grain ‘Sumeru’ on the joint of both its ends. In the absence of Sumeru, the rosary is ineffective. It was unanimously accepted regarding the number of donations. It has been said that for whatever purpose having more than 100 beads in the garland is absolutely necessary and extremely beneficial. The importance of the number 100 in this subject from different points of view is also particularly noteworthy. The convenience of multiplying by 108 grains and its spirituality has been mentioned in the Jai-Ganana as follows…

  • According to the anatomical structure, breathing is the natural arrangement of every living being. If a healthy person while chanting the rosary, imitating the breathing movement, recites the mantra once per breath, plus one grain of government, then in one hour 900 and 12 hours 10,800 will be conquered. According to the rules of Upashu chanting, if a person chants only 108 times, he gets the result equal to 10,800 chants. In such a situation, a garland of 108 grains is useful to complete the chanting of the number 10,800 accurately in just 108 chants.
  • According to hindu vedic astrology and astronomy, one should chant 108 times to touch all the feet of the constellations located in the universe, which are 27 in number. By such chanting, the celestial sphere spread throughout the universe gets contacted by the atmosphere with the Sathak. Since each nakshatra has four stages, it is necessary to chant the mantra through 27×4=108 to touch the whole universe. This chanting can be done conveniently only when there are 108 beads in the rosary.
  • The number 9 is considered very effective and important in Indian spirituality. Many mythological-Vedic stories are associated with this number. The planets are also nine, the Navarna mantras are also nine and the number of days of Navratri is also nine. There are nine incarnations of Durgaji. There are many such religious and mythological episodes, in which the number is 18 or 1,800 or 18,000. If we look at the calculations, it is clear that the root – root of all these numbers is the digit of 9. The above numbers have been created out of this expansion. Thus, on the basis of some special mathematical principles, considering the number 108 as the best in the context of the rosary, the number of Rudraksha beads has also been kept at 108.
  • Worship of Shiva, to be done for the fulfillment of sattvik desires Rudraksha and its garland are considered best for chanting and wearing in general. That is, the most important and quality-rich rosary is of Rudraksha.
  • The rosary of Rudraksha is so effective that it can be used in any type of sadhna (except for Maranakarma and similar worship of Yakshini and some other stuffs). Rudraksha beads are extremely beneficial in the sadhana of Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesh, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, Datta and Navagraha etc.

How To Enhance The Effects Of Chanting ?

To increase the effect of chanting, Rudraksha beads are used as follows:

  • Chanting the mantra (number) with the help of fingers gives normal give best results. This is called ‘Kar-Mala’.The fruit/benefits of the chanting performed with the help of the tips of the fingers (festivities) increases eight times more than the normal chanting. This is called ‘Parva-Mala’.
  • SPECIAL FACK : Botanists, physicists and sages have discussed the effect of garlands made of various objects. In the end, the best, most important and endowed with supernatural qualities, which he has described as the most accessible and useful, is the rosary of Rudraksha. Rudraksh is the only beads (seed or kernel of a particular fruit) in the entire flora of the whole world, which contains in itself the largest amount of spiritual, botanical and material qualities

The result of chanting with the use of Rudraksh rosary is more than normal. It increases millions of times more, the sadhak who uses it easily attains accomplishment, memory and power. Now even western doctors have been fascinated by its properties and give its use in the treatment of many diseases.

Making Of Rudraksha Mala

No matter how many faces the Rudraksh has, make it a beautiful shape by attaching it to a gold or silver locket or pendent as per the capacity of the goldsmith. Pure coral beads are also worn on both sides of the Rudraksha beads. The easiest and cheapest way is to split cotton thread and make it strong and wear Rudraksha by threading it. Some people wear garlands in red-blue threads, but the color of the threads is selected according to the zodiac. White and yellow colors are beneficial for all. Rudraksha is also worn by making a locket in a silver or gold chain. unilateral. It is best to wear Rudraksh in a chain of platinum or Panchadhatu. Wearers of Rudraksha should take special care that the grain of Rudraksha should be so low in the neck that it touches the chest. It also has a special advantage. The Rudraksha that touches the heart is very effective in heart disease, heart-vibration, colic, blood pressure, heart palpitations etc. and also keeps it safe from many deseases

Mala – The Source of Benefits

A 108-bead rosary of any varna or caste bestows Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha to the four flowers. There is no other rosary in the world as fruitful as it. Some people have the illusion that only sages and mahatmas can wear it, this is their mistake. Where the sages and sannyasis attain dharma and salvation by wearing it, while the worldly beings get salvation by consuming artha and kama by staying within the limits of dharma. It is a boon of Shiva for the human beings suffering from various kinds of material miseries of the world. It can be worn by all householders and sages. those who wear rudraksha There is no accidental death, it is a realized truth.

Classification Of Rudraksha

The first class Rudraksha is dark chocolate, dark brown or dark brown in color. Sometimes a beads of pink aura is also found, which is counted only in the first class Rudraksha. The second grade Rudraksha is of medium brown color and almond kernel in color. It also has a matte-like color. The third grade Rudraksha is brown or brown in color with some whitishness. The Rudraksha found in this color is mostly double faced.

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