Diseases Cured by Rudraksha

Diseases Cured by Rudraksha


Rudraksha gives mercy from many sins, it calms down and provide virtuous benefits, many diseases can also be avoided by its uses. Treatment of following diseases is possible by Rudraksh


Taking ashes (Bhasma) of Rudraksh with Swarnamakshik bhasma in equal quantity with milk, curd or creams of milk every morning and evening to the patient is beneficial in high blood pressure.

Special : For the patients of high blood pressure, wearing Rudraksha is like nectar. For this it is necessary that the rosary of Rudraksh must touches the heart of the patient. When the bead or garland continues to touch the heart, then the patient will definitely be benefited, because Rudraksha has amazing power to draw the heat of the body. Due to the stretching of the heat, the high blood pressure becomes normal.


Taking the powder of any Rudraksha and black pepper in equal quantity with stale water for a few days ends chronic indigestion.


Consuming the pulp of Rudraksha with fresh water regularly can cure epilepsy.


Rubbing one Dasmukhi(10 Face Rudraksha) Rudraksh in fresh cow’s milk and licking it thrice a day ends the chronic whooping cough of the patient.


Boil Charmukhi(4 Face Rudraksha) Rudraksha in cow’s milk and drink it for a month, all the disorders of the brain are removed. With this experiment, the memory power is amazingly improves


Rubbing six Mukhi Rudraksha with water on the cob and applying it on the head like sandalwood removes unconsciousness.


Grind Rudraksh, Peepli (Pippli), sand, drumstick bark, myrobalan and old oil in equal quantity with cow urine and apply it on the affected area after lukewarming it a little. This will remove the inflammation caused by phlegm outbreak.


Grind five mukhi rudraksha and mix it with coconut oil and apply it on the burnt area. This will end the burning and burning sensation and cool down. If the burning is unbearable, add a little camphor to it.


The secrets of power with Kanji by taking 1 bead of Rudraksh powder, Kutki Grind together and after lukewarming some, apply it on the navel. This removes colic.


Grind the sin of Chona Amla in Rudrash part and pure Ghee and apply it on the forehead. This stops the blood falling from the nose.


Rub two Mukhi Rudraksha and apply it on the affected area. in a few days. You will start to relax and the water will also stop falling.


Rubbing the Rudraksha with neem water and applying the paste is beneficial in itching.


Taking 4 parts of Rudraksh and Babchi and 1 part of Hartal mixed with cow urine provides amazing benefits in white spots.


In this disease (baldness is also considered a disease in ayurveda) take the original bead of ten mukhi rudraksha and rub it with neem sapling and apply it on the head daily. But apply it in the morning and evening. Hair will start growing on the head in a few months.


Mix the powder of Dasmukhi(10 Mukhi) Rudraksha with gooseberry juice and apply it on the roots of the hair of the head. The graying of hair will stop in a few days.


Take two beads of Charmukhi(4 Mukhi) Rudraksha. Wear one around the neck with rituals and rub the other in the Ganges water and drink it daily. Soon you will get rid of this disease.


Grind the five-faced bead of Vaishvarna(Brown Color) and apply it in the eyes like kajal at night. Within a few days, the web of eyes will start clearing.


A man who has symptoms of impotence, he should rub fourteen mukhi grain in water and apply it on his forehead every night. This will develop manpower in him. If coldness has come in the woman, then she should rub this grain in water and apply it on her breasts. Within a few days, work power will start to be created in it.


Applying both the ashes of Panchmukhi Rudraksha and dry cow dung of black cow mixed with Gangajal cures all types of skin diseases.


According to his caste, the fourteen-faced bead of that varna is on the side of that part.Tie it on the side where there is adharang. Also chanting the mantra related to that Rudraksha. Keep doing it yourself. There will definitely be benefit in this disease.


Everyone turns their back in disgust at the sight of the leprosy patient. The condition of its patient becomes very pathetic. For its treatment, burn a nine-faced Rudraksh of Brahmin caste(white color) and make its ashes and make a thick paste like paste in basil juice and apply it on the places of leprosy. The leprosy will dry up within a few weeks.


Grind five mukhi granules of Rudraksha with basil juice and mix it with lemon juice and rub it like a cream on the face. This removes the blemishes and makes the skin glow and the face becomes beautiful.


If there is a fear of miscarriage, tie a Shudravarna Rudraksha around the woman’s waist. This will reduce the risk of miscarriage.


Choose Rudraksha according to the zodiac sign and rub it in goat’s milk and consume it regularly. There will be benefit in joint swelling and pain.


Grinding one part of Rudraksha and five parts of Kaner root in water and applying it is also beneficial in incurable diseases like syphilis.


Mix a little camphor in equal parts of Rudraksh, khus and white sandalwood. Then mix its powder with sandalwood oil and rub it on the body. This will remove body odor and the body will smell.


Mix eight mukhi rudraksha and almond kernel powder and rub it on the face with the help of rose water. Wash face after one hour. This action will increase the beauty of the face.


Grind equal quantity of five mukhi Shudra Rudraksha, bitter Tumbi leaves and Karanj bark in goat’s urine and mix euphorbia’s milk and apply it on piles warts. Due to this, the wart falls off quickly and gets relief.


Mixing one part powder of six Mukhi Rudraksha and 4 parts of Sitopaladi powder and licking it with honey is beneficial in respiratory diseases.

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