Modern people call Avantikapuri as Ujjain. Ujjain’s second name is also Mahakalpuri. The name of Mahakalpuri keeps on changing in each era. In relation to this it has been said place has been called the navel of the earth. Among the twelve Jyotirlingas, the Mahakal Linga is here and among the fifty-one Shaktipeeths, there is also a Shaktipeeth. In Dwapar, Shri Krishna-Balram had come here to study in Maharishi Sandipnik’s ashram. Ujjayini was the capital of India during the time of Maharaja Vikramaditya. In Indian astrology, the zero line of longitude was believed to have started from Ujjayini. It is one of the puris in the Saptpuris. Kumbhka fair is held here in the twelfth year.

Narada Purana says that the greatness of ujjayini and Devavandya Bhagwan is immense. The Mahakal forest is the most sacred and the most perfect tapobhoomi. There is no other area on this earth than the Mahakal forest. There is a pilgrimage called Kapalyoga, in which even a Brahma-killer becomes pure by taking a devotional bath.

Each Kalpa of Avanti has different names. For example, Kanakasringa, Kushsthali, Avantika, Padmavati, Kumudvati, Ujjayini, Vishala and Amaravati. One who worships Lord Maheshwar after taking a bath in the Shipra river, he gets all the wishes by the grace of Mahadevji and Mahadevi. Shipra river is everywhere virtuous, very holy.


In Avantipuri its importance increases a lot. In the past, Lord Vishnu had two gatekeepers named Jai and Vijay. Both of them always stood at the gate of Vaikunth. Once upon a time Sanakadi, the son of Lord Brahma, voluntarily entered the supreme abode of Vishnu. As soon as he came to the door, the gatekeepers usually stopped him. This behavior of the gatekeepers caused great sorrow to the Sankadikas. As a result, those monks cursed Jai-Vijay to be an asura.

Cursed by the Sanakadikumars, both Jai and Vijay immediately went into the demonic world. Both of them were called Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha in the first birth, Kumbhakarna and Ravana in the second birth and Dantavaktra and Shishupala in the third birth. The demon named Hiranyaksha was very strong. His atrocities caused outcry all around. He took the earth to the abyss and went away.

Seeing such plight of the world, Lord Mahavishnu appeared in the form of Varaha and saved the earth. As a result, all the noise which used to happen in all the four directions became silent. From the heart of the same Lord Varaha, this eternal river Shipra has appeared, which is full of blissful waters and bestows a blissful bounty. There is a supremely beautiful Padmavatipuri in the delightful Mahakal forest. Param Ramya is a beautiful pool in that puri. By bathing in it, all human beings go to the eternal Shivalok. Lokpavani Shipra has been absorbed in that beautiful forest.

When Lord Varaha killed all the evil demons and made the deities fearless, then all the deities like Indra, with folded hands, bowed down to Mahavishnu and stood in front and asked the way to attain heaven. While assuring the deities, Lord Varaha said- ‘Gods! In the forest of Mahakala, your desire-siddhika is a more sacred place than the causal secret. Where the Shipra river which originated from my body has merged, that place is known by the name of Leanganga. Go to the Shipra river where there is the best among the rivers Lenganga, Prachi, Saraswati, Pushkar, Gayatirtha and the auspicious Purushottam lake.

Hearing this word of Lord Varaha, all the deities Brahma and Indra went to the most beautiful Mahakal forest, where the best of the rivers flowed in the Shipra. bath there By doing good deeds of charity, due to the effect of that virtue, they attained their respective worlds. In this way, the Shipra river was said to purify all the worlds. Is. Description has come in Skandpuran. Ujjain, even after the death of a dead body, neither does the smell of deodorant come nor does it rot. There, the eunuchs never enter there and there are crores of Shiva’s present at their positions. The same Jyotirlinga hatkesh,

Mahakal and Tarakesvara- These three forms are pervading and situated in Trilokya. The two-caste people who see the Jyotirlinga or Shri Mahakaleshwar in the form of Jyotirlinga in this Ujjayini Siddhavat, they see the Jyoti in the form of virtue. The poor people of the world, who have ever seen the Linga of Mahakaleshwar, are neither touched by the great sins nor are they persecuted by the eunuchs. Mahakaal, Mahakal, Mahakal – in this way, the father (Vishnu) of Kamadeva and the enemy (Shiva) – both of them keep remembering the one who always remembers them.

A very beautiful story of Shipra-Mahatmya is found in Skanda Purana under Avantikshetra-Mahatmya. Once upon a time, Lord Shiva went for alms to Bhogavatipuri in Nagaloka with a skull in his hand and wandered from house to house, chanting ‘Bhiksham Dehi’ (Give alms). But no one gave alms to that hungry Lord Shiva. Then he came out of Puri and went to the place where twenty one tanks of nectar were filled under the protection of Nagaloka. Arriving there, the omnipotent Lord Shankar drank all the pools of nectar by the way of his third eye and then got up and left. Seeing and hearing all this, the entire Nagaloka trembled and everyone started asking each other, ‘Whose action is this? Who has done what, due to which the nectar of these pools has gone from here?’

Saying this to each other, Vasuki and all the serpents left the city fearing that they might have committed the crime of some Mahatma and asked ‘What to do, where should I go? How will we make a living now?’ Expressing concern in the form of etc., he along with the women and children went to the shelter of Lord Shri Hari. Then there was a voice from the sky to bless them

‘Naggan! You insulted the deity who had come to the house, knowing the time of hospitality, Lord Shankar had come to your door to take alms in the guise of a monk with a skull in his hand. But no one gave them alms in Bhogavatipuri, so they have gone out. Because of this deviance, the entire nectar of your ponds has been destroyed. Now come out of the underworld and go to the great Mahakal forest. There, the great river Shipra, which purifies the three worlds, flows

Giver of desires and fruits. Go there, you all take a ritual bath and worship Devadhidev Lord Shiva. By doing this, your lost nectar amount will be recovered in Nagaloka.

Hearing this voice, all the serpents went to Mahakal forest along with women and children and old people. He saw that Tribhuvan-Vandita Shipra river. This made him very happy and after bathing there, he worshiped Mahadevji. Carrying a garland of lotus flowers, various types of flowers, akshat, clothes, flowers, anulipan, sandalwood, scent, incense, lamp, naivedya, tambul, dakshina and camphor aarti, they all attended the service of Mahadevji.

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