Amrit Kumbh festival transmits nectar in the life of human beings in many ways. Through knowledge in the intellect, through reverence, in the mind, through purity (snanaadi) – in the body, through charity, in wealth and through purification of lust, fills a high level of light in all public behavior, so that the life of man can become bright and move towards the path of duty. In this way, this grand event is spiritual from the point of view of inner purification, adhidaivik from the point of view of Daivaprasad and for adhibhautik purification due to the communication of purity in the folk character.

Man, being a creature of the world of death, is naturally desirous of immortality, but due to ignorance he does not know that immortality is abundant everywhere. There is no particle, no moment and no mind in which the ecstatic spring of nectar does not flow. The real meaning of attainment of immortality is the fulfillment of life, that is, the all-round development of human life, it is expected of every human being in every country, in every time.

In the fulfillment of this expectation, there is a great yoga and use of this nectar-Kumbh festival. The experience of this rare nectar and God-tattva is possible only when one accepts the servitude of the Lord like Garuda, keeping the purity of the conscience and the sharp vision of knowledge. As long as the human heart is not able to become a vehicle of God like Garuda, i.e., beneficiary, the nectar will remain away from him even though he is near it. Every effort has to be made for its achievement or experience. If nectar is to be attained, then by effortlessly erasing the Kalushya in the heart, one has to do Bhagirath sadhna to create a conscience full of love. Only then can the ultimate goal and ultimate goal of human life – immortality, that is, Godhood, be achieved.

Inspired by the holy spirit of public welfare and public good, our great philosophers, penance-put rishis, inspired by the holy spirit of public welfare and public good, every twelfth year in these four holy places of pilgrimage: Organized the event of Maha Kumbh festival. (4 Places)

Keeping its continuity intact for centuries, this great festival with its universal importance and the vastness of the colossal form has been connecting the people with religion and culture till date. It is such a great cultural gathering that transmits light and conscience in human life, which is not only the spiritual consciousness but also the foundation-pillar of national consciousness, unity and integrity. This spiritual, philosophical and cultural significance and purpose of the Great Mahakumbh festival is a pure, meaningful and auspicious effort to keep moving towards the world-Mars for the protection of the moral values and ideals of life with the auspicious feeling of universal brotherhood, world-love in mankind. This is the real achievement of this unique event and this is the real achievement. with the same good spirit

Pawan Gupta

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