A kind of amazing magnetic and electric power is contained in the grain of Rudraksh, this thing has been accepted not only by the spiritual world or physicists, but also by modern medical science. The holder is definitely influenced by the power of Rudraksha. Seeing the miraculous effect of Rudraksh in quenching various types of physical ailments, nightmares and the nuisance of ghosts, western doctors have also started advising patients to wear Rudraksha and use it in the form of medicine. Although there is no talk of using mantra in his advice, yet he accepts its objective effect. In Tantra Shastra, the same effect is increased manifold by combining mantras. Therefore, in whatever form Rudraksha is used, it definitely shows its miraculous effect in some degree or the other. We can feel the effect of the glory of Rudraksh

There are many types of Rudraksha. It is available in various forms ranging from the size of black pepper to the size of gooseberry. But all these are not easily accessible. Very small and very big Rudraksha are difficult to obtain. Generally only medium sized grains (similar to strawberry berry) are found.

Along with Indian spirituality, the importance and use of Rudraksha is increasing in foreign countries, there is a lot of demand for it. The rich-faithful people there wear its garland with great respect and faith. Due to the increasing popularity day by day, smuggling of high quality Rudraksha like gold, jewellery, diamonds and pearls and intoxicants has also started happening.This fact proves that this rough bead must have some wonderful and supernatural properties.

Apart from the size, THE GLORY OF RUDRAKSHA much more there is another difference in the beads of Rudraksha. Even though that gift is subtle, it is very important on the basis of that distinction, the effectiveness of Rudraksha is analyzed. Determination and evaluation of Rudraksha depends on its distinction that difference is – the face of the Rudraksha! Grains are classified on the basis of their faces. Rudraksha ranges from one face to twentyone face, Gauri Shankar, Ganesh,Garbh Gauri, Nandi Rudraksha, Sarp and Trijuti. The effect of each Rudraksha is also different. In this context it is also worth keeping in mind that one to fourteen face granules can be found, but fifteen to twenty one face granules are very rare.

Unilateral bead is also often rare. In fact, grains of three to seven faces are found commonly. but after seven they become rare. The most accessible is the Panchmukhi (five-faced) grain. After that six mukhi are easily found an there is availability of three and four mukhi grains behind them. Seven mukhi grain can also be discovered by doing a little more effort. That after Seven mukhi, every subsequent number-faced bead comes in the category of rarity. It has also been said in Shiva Purana that the glory of small Rudraksha and the benefits of its wearing is more, which Rudraksha is firm, smooth, thorny and thick, it grants all desires and destroys all the sins of the devotees.

It should also be known here that Rudraksha is of the following four colors

  1. White
  2. Blood Red (Red Aura)
  3. Yellow (Yellow Aura)
  4. Black

There are four types of Rudraksha according to caste distinction.

  1. Brahmin
  2. Kshatriya
  3. Vaishya
  4. Shudra.
    • The above mentioned Rudraksha should be worn by all the four classes. That is a Brahmin should wear a white Kshatriya with blood, a Vaishya yellow and a Shudra a black Rudraksha.

In the Shiva Purana, Vishnu said to Narada, “O Narada! Humans of all varnas and all ashrams should wear Rudraksha. Shudras also have the right to wear Rudraksha. Faith and believe are also said to be necessary for wearing Rudraksha.” The person who wears Rudraksha during the day, all his sins of the previous night are destroyed and the one who wears Rudraksha during the night gets rid of all the sins of his day. So it is advisable to wear this Rudraksha all the time. Those who wear a ash of ashes,(Bhashm) wear rudraksha and keep their hair, they do not go to hell and they do not incur any sin in the world. Those who have tripunda on their forehead, rudraksh on their head and Panchakshara mantra in their mouth, He deserves to be worshiped by all

Pawan Gupta

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