Sitting in the middle of a beautiful throne on Mount Kailas Parwat, on the left side of which Bhagwati Uma is sitting next to him, Sanak Sanandan, etc. It is a great virtue to wear such a Vishwavibhushan Rudraksh that originated from the tears of Lord Shiva.  Every Rudraksha wearer must follow the following rules. By doing this every one gets the fruits/Benefits of wearing Rudraksha earlier.

  • Always stay clean and wear clean clothes. The place should be clean and pure at the time of wearing Rudraksh or worshiping Rudraksh. This place can also be your place of worship
  • Wearer should not get angry to earlier and try to Concerntrate over themselves
  • Always try to be calm and quiet and must be not afraid of anything
  • Wearer should must have trust and faith toward the associated God or Planet, if not followed this wearer won’t be able to get blessing for Rudraksha
  • The quality of patience must be in the Rudraksha wearer. Nothing ever happens out of haste. The fruits/Banefits of anything do not come immediately, it can also take time. So you should have patience.
  • As according to the nature of body. Wearer should must do his task by assuming as their duty without expecting for anything good or bad.
  • Wearer should also must remember of his views and behavior towards other. They should not behave bad or get over confident on themselves
  • Whose intention is pure, respected in character, free from deceit, greed and ego; Be kind, benevolent, forgiving, and simple in nature, free from socio-political entanglements, regularly Does meditation, worship and contemplation, is not opposed to any other sect or religion. Yes, he becomes a partner of Shiva’s grace. Best fruit/Benefits of Rudraksha to such a personIs obtained.

Wearing Rudraksha According to Muhurta(TIME)

Muhurta or time for worshiping or wearing Rudraksha is also considered. The result of the thing worn in the auspicious time to get more banefits of anything. Muhurta means that part of time, which is being affected by the light rays of planets and constellations in a particular position. This effect definitely contains the element of favorable or unfavorable for a particular task. The second thing is that the Rashmi-borne effect generates such a reaction in the universe which keeps on affecting the human body, its consciousness, intellectual capacity and desires. In this way, a favorable Muhurta provides the basis for the accomplishment of a person’s work(Karm). On the contrary, work done in adverse Guhurta is often not successful due to many days of disruptions.

Wearing According to Month

Not all the twelve months of the year are equally effective for wearing Rudraksha. They also contain favorable and unfavorable elements. The months of Bhadrapada and Paush are not the best for worshiping and wearing Rudraksh. Malmas is also not appropriate. Only the months of Vaishakh, Shravan, Ashwin, Kartik, Margashirsha and Falgun are best for wearing Rudraksha. According to scholars, Ashwin-Karthik is the best among them. Margashirsha and Falgun are said to be of medium and Ashadha and Shravan are also favorable.

Wearing According to Paksh(Partly Month)

At the time of wearing Rudraksha, care should be taken of the side. The Krishna Paksha is the nurturer of the tamasic tendencies and the Sattvikta predominates in the Shukla Paksha. The Krishna Paksha is especially favorable for salvation, dispassion, self-knowledge and wearing Rudraksha. In this fortnight, there is a predominance of Surya-Shakti, which is very helpful in making a person enlightened. In Shukla Paksha, the influence of the Sun is relatively weak and the influence of the Moon is more. Moon is the provider of material prosperity. Therefore, the Rudraksha worn in Shukla Paksha is particularly fruitful/beneficial

Wearing of Rudraksha according to Days

It is the experience of Maharishis that except Tuesday and Saturday, all the remaining days are best for wearing Rudraksha. Therefore, Rudraksha should be worn on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday only. Ever Monday or Thursday is more preferable

Wearing According to Specific Date(Tithi)

Dwitiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Trayodashi and Poornima Tithis, they are good date(Tithi) to wear. The Rudraksha worn on these dates is the gives the best results.

Wearing Rudraksha According to Nakshatra(Asterism)

Before wearing Rudraksha, it is very important to think deeply about the constellations(Nakshatra/Asterism) as well. Rudraksh worn in Hasta, Ashwini, Rohini, Swati, Visakha, Jyestha, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadrapada, Shravan, Panishtha and Shatabhisha gives special results.

Wearing Rudraksha According to Laghn(Ascendant)

The Number of Ascendants is 12, any there are not much any big factor for wearing according zodic but it works good for Ascendants are equally effective. Wearing Rudraksha in Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius is very auspicious and fruitful/Beneficial

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