Astrology & Gemstones

Astrology & Gemstones


Starting with the ‘Astrology and Gems‘ so that the common readers of this blog can get an introduction about astrology and the interrelationships of gems with each other. What is astrology, how is it related to gems and what is their relation to humans? How do they play their role in our everyday life i.e. how and to what extent they affect human life. That is to say, how do gems play their positive role in removing the complexities and discrepancies of human life, making their present and future happiness? This is the purpose of this blog for the purpose of which I have tried to throw light on astrology.

Astrology is the science of scriptures and study of sciences. It’s scope is so wide and vast that it is very difficult to cover it in this small blog. This is such a scripture, from which the interest of mankind can be protected. It is a welfare science, provided there is deep knowledge of this scripture. Today people are maligning it by using it as thug-science. You must have been raised by road signs, astrologers and gem sellers, who, instead of removing the sufferings of the afflicted, increase their sorrow by filling their stomach. They cheat in various ways. Because common people neither have knowledge about astrology nor gems in this context, this blog can guide you well and you can avoid falling in the clutches of fraudsters.


Astrology was born by ancient Indian sages and scholars. But unfortunately this science fell into the hands of foreigners and they made a lot of progress by adopting it. According to the famous Chinese scholar Liang Chichav, when the present civilized castes had not even started to move hands and feet, then only we two brothers – Indians and Chinese had started solving human problems with science like astrology.

In this context, Wilson is of the opinion that the elements of Indian astrology and mathematics were invented in very ancient times. D. Morgan has accepted that the mathematics and astrology of Indians are greater than any theory of mathematics or astrology of Greece. Their elements are ancient and original. Scholars like Bevar and Kolbuk believed that India was the first to know about the moon constellations. The development of astrology of China and Arabia originated from India itself. This is the gift of the people of India.

I have not presented the above example for proof that astrology was first born in India. Rather, it was done because the Westerners, who have been considering India as a backward and dark country, were also obliged to accept this truth. Truth is true, it does not need any proof or fact.


Lokmanya Tilak has written in his famous book ‘Orion’ that the constellation (nakshatra) knowledge of India, which is described in the Vedas, is at least five thousand years before AD. Tilakji was very proficient in Indian constellations (nakshatra). Therefore, this knowledge has not come to India from Babylon, Greece or Greece. There was no exchange in this scripture till the second century BC. But AD 2-6. Over the centuries, due to excessive contact with foreigners, substantial exchanges took place and thus Indian astrology moved to other countries.

On the basis of whatever evidence and proofs has been found so far related to the birth and development of astrology in India, it can be dated in six parts.

  1. DARKNESS -: BC 10,000 Year ago
  2. RISE -: BC 10,000 Year to BC period upto 5,000 Year
  3. PRIMORDIAL -: BC Period from 499 to AD 500
  4. THE MIDDLE AGE-: The period AD 501 to AD 1,000
  5. POST-MEDIEVAL-: The period from AD 1,001 to AD 1,600
  6. MODERN-PERIOD-: From AD 1,601 to AD 1,946,

This classification has been done keeping in mind the development of astrology.By the way, it is very difficult to determine the exact time of its birth, because it is as beginningless as the human creation. The principle of astrology is that there are 43,20,000,000 years in a Kalpakal. At the same time, it is also true that as soon as the creation starts, all the planets start moving regularly in their respective orbits and human being influenced by them keeps on developing at a constant speed.


The most important speciality of Indian culture is the attainment of spiritual knowledge. In fact, this knowledge was attained only through yoga-kriya. According to the principle based on ancient practical knowledge – the power called Mahakundalini pervades the entire creation and the same power is present in human beings in the form of Kundalini. It can be understood in this way – the spinal cord located in the human back is directly located in the middle part of Payu and Upastha, while the Swayambhu Linga is located in the triangle chakra. The name of this chakra is Agni Chakra. Kundalini is situated like a snake wrapped around this linga in three and a half rings. Then in the order of Muladhara, Swadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudakhya and Ajna-these six chakras are situated upwards and downwards respectively.

After distinguishing these chakras, there is a zero chakra in the head, where the ultimate goal of the yogi is to reach the soul. The Sahasrara Chakra takes place at this place. Connected to the spinal cord that carries the breath of life, there are three nadis named Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. In these, Ida and Pingala are called Sun and Moon respectively. Within the sushumna, Vajra, Chitrini and Brahma – these three nadis are the real path of Kundalini Shakti. Sadhak chants by awakening Kundalini Shakti by various means or various types of sadhnas. With this sound the image of Sun, Moon and Agni is illuminated. In this way, yogis try to match the Kundalini contained within the individual with the Maha Kundalini.

The science of astrology was born out of this effort of ancient Indian yogis. According to the facts related to creation in the theology – at the time when man got the senses and the mind, at the same time the astrological elements expressing the secret of creation became known. However, these elements appeared in the form of scriptures after thousands of years. In the dark times, the sages, on the strength of their divine knowledge, had known all the elements of the sky. The science of astrology was prevalent in oral form – at that time (in the heyday) this scripture was given a literary form. In the same period, month, season, ion, year, era, planet, eclipse, planetary orbit, constellation, equinox, constellation-ascendant The value of day and night and its growth and loss, etc., were being discussed on many subjects. the texts ‘Satapatha Brahmana’, ‘Brihadaranyak’, ‘Taittiriya Brahmin’, ‘Aitareya Brahmin’ etc. are proof of this. In these texts, both practical and classical forms of astrological principles are described. After that astrology continued to develop.


What is the meaning of astrology/Jyotish? It is made up of Jyoti + Ish, that is, it is divine light. The Creator God created the universe, the planets and the constellations. Apparently, his light is the divine light and with this light all the creation i.e. animal world, plant world and nature etc. are affected. The complete calculation, analysis and way of getting rid of the malefic effects of the planets, which is possible, is called Astrology or Shastra/ Jyotish.

Indian philosophy is not like western countries, but it is based on supernatural background. According to this philosophy – the soul is immortal, it never perishes. It changes form and body only because of the eternal flow of karma. In Vedic philosophy, these three distinctions are considered to be Sanchit, Prarabdha (Fate) and Kriyaman of Karma. Whatever is done by a person till the present time – whether it is done in this life or in previous life is called all Sanchit. It is not possible to experience the accumulated karmas of many births together. So they have to suffer one after the other. Out of the accumulated actions, the process of enjoying the fruits of the first Karmas, that is called prarabdha. The action which is happening now or is being done is called Kriyaman.

Ancient astrologers have clarified that the human soul, while living in the gross body, is related to more than one world. The human body is mainly divided into three sub-bodies – Jyotiah, Mental and Podgalika. This Jyoti is interrelated with the nakshatra world through the sub-body, with the mental world through the mental sub-body and with the physical world through the podgalika sub-body. Man is influenced by every world and on the contrary affects every world by his gestures, thoughts and actions. Psychologists have divided the personality of man into two parts, external and internal, due to the characteristic of this action of the soul. We have discussed concretely about this in the chapter titled ‘Gems and Planets’.

From the above analysis it became clear that how deeply astrology is related to human life. Acharya Varaha Mihir has explained it even better. He has told that the body-cycle is the planet-orbit. The twelfth part of this orbit – head, mouth, thorax, heart, abdomen, buttocks, body, penis, thigh, knee, calf and foot respectively Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces have conjuncts. The planets that move in these 12 zodiac signs are Soul-Sun, Mind-Moon, Patience-Mars, Speech-Mercury, Vivek-Guru, Semen-Venus and Sensation-Saturn. This means that the positions of the seven planets and 12 zodiac signs are said to be contained within the human body. The rotation of the solar cycle in this body is based on the laws of the solar system in the sky. In this way astrology is very deeply related to human life.Human life does not walk in a straight line. There are ups and downs and bumps in it. It means that only the feelings of happiness and sorrow make man dynamic. These feelings originate from the sensations of the outer and inner worlds. Therefore, human life is a mixture of elements like progress-degeneration, happiness-sadness, development-degradation, joy-sadness etc. Astrology opens and solves these mysteries.


To remove the negative effects of the planets, the practice of wearing sama which is prevalent in astrology is not meaningless but scientific behind it. It is all known to you that the effect of solar system rays is on the shape, size and shape of the stones on earth, water, air etc. If a person who is governed by the planets of the same zodiac signs and is given a gem produced in the environment of the same Rashmi, then he gives the desired result. On the contrary, if a person of unfavorable influence is given a gem born of a poet’s nature, then it will be harmful for him. In this way they are very beneficial for our life.

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