Pure Silver Half Moon 3-Pearl Black Rudraksha Mala Lab Certified


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Metal Used – Pure Silver

Stone Name – Pearl / Moti

R Rudraksha exclusive presents this beautiful and healing Half Moon Locket with 3 in 1 Pearl Pendent string along with Black Punchmukhi Rudraksha Mala. It really looks premium to wear and provide with great benefits. This Mala Pendant can be wear for daily or any on occasion. This product is also a suitable gift for your loved ones on their birthday or any specific event. 

Pure Silver Half Moon Pearl Pendant made of Pure Silver and approx 7 Carats Natural Pearl of each fitted. The item is skin friendly and ideal for everyone for fashion and astrological purposes.

Wearer of this Locket works well to get rid of nagging health issue. You can recover fast from ailments related to eyes, memory loss, lung-related diseases, chest congestion etc. Wearer enjoys good general health most of the time. You are able to concentrate effectively, do not have any constraints to hold you from moving on the road to success. Wearer remains happy and enjoys a prosperous life all the times. This Chandra Moti Pendant helps mental peace and stability, control anger and excitement, provides emotional harmony and well being, improves concentration and martial relations. This considered very good for professionals like doctors, nurses, executives or any profession that requires high concentration.


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