Green Jade Mala (Margaj Rosary) – 108 Beads


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This is an original Green Jada Mala also known as ‘Margaj” in Hindi.

 It is green in color containing 108 beads. Green Jade Mala is known for stabilizing personality that helps to bring peace and positive energy and to make a balance between heart and soul. Multiple problems of life are ridden off by this mala. This mala is useful for the preachers of Lord Buddha.


  1. It strengthens positivity, bringing fortune into life and filling our life with happiness.
  2. It makes our relationship stronger which creates healthy and peaceful environment.
  3. It builds confidence and make you free from stress and pain.
  4. It is helpful for people suffering from kidney problems.
  5. It stabilizes mind and makes physical, emotional and spiritual changes.


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