Black Lava Stone Mala for Shani and Root Chakra


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Black Lava stone is also known as Jwalamukhi mala and it is a semi-precious gem which comes from the core of the earth in the form of volcanic eruption. Once the lava dries, it turns into this beautiful stone. It represents Root chakra and promotes healing, well-being and earthiness within a person.


  1. This Mala is very beneficial for people who want to please Lord Shani or ward off ill effects of planet Saturn in their lives.
  2. This Mala or rosary acts as a shield against any black magic or evil eye (Buri Nazar)
  3. During bad times or in times of stress it generates a calming effect on the wearer and removes stress and anxiety.
  4. It is beneficial for strengthening the root chakra and brings stability and calmness to the wearer
  5. Due to nature of this stone it reduces anger and gives positive energy


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