Amethyst Stone Pure Silver Pendent With Chain


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Metal Used – Pure Silver
Chain Length – Normal
Stone Name – Amethyst

R Rudraksha exclusive presents this beautiful and healing Amethysts Stone Pendent along with Pure Silver Chain. It really looks premium to wear and provide with great benefits. This Chain Pendant can be wear for daily or any on occasion. This product is also a suitable gift for your loved ones on their birthday or any specific event. 

The Royal Violet and Violetish Blue Gemstone of the Quartz family is called as the Amethyst stone.  It is primarily composed of Silicon Di Oxide and has trigonal and hexagonal prisms crystal structure.

Having a Refractive index of 1.544 – 1.553 and a specific gravity of 2.65 the color of Amethyst stone it exhibits a Weak Bluish Fluorescence

Names of Amethyst Gemstone

The Amethyst stone is also known as Katela or Jamunia in Hindi. The word amethyst stone is derived from the Greek word amethystos that literally translates into “Not Drunk”.

Amethyst Stone Benefits

  1. The Top benefit of Amethyst stone is that it is a healing stone with strong antidote to intoxication. Amethyst stone helps remarkable in overcoming Alcohol addition.
  2. In the sacred texts it is regarded as the superior alternative gemstone to the Blue Sapphire gemstone and has the astrological energies of Saturn. Saturn rules over the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius and individuals of these signs can wear the Amethyst Stone after an astrological analysis of their birth chart.
  3. It is a high quality gemstone that has healing properties which helps in meditating and enhancing the meditative quality. Directly impacting the crown chakra this is the Gemstone of higher knowledge, values and ideals. It gives power to meditate and focus for Long Lengths of Time.
  4. In General considered to be the February Birthstone as per Astrology, Amethyst is a healing gemstone that helps in breaking long standing negative life patterns.
  5. In China the amethyst crystals find its use in curing of stomach pain and back pain.
  6. It is a precious Gemstone of tremendous spiritual value and helps in balancing of the chakras and awakening of the Kundalini.
  7. It is a gemstone that helps in overcoming inferiority complex.


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