Sun Stone Rosary / SunStone Mala 108 Beads

Sun Stone Rosary / SunStone Mala 108 Beads

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BEAD QUANTITY : 108 beads

This Sunstone mala has been made from very high quality sunstone faceted beads. Sunstone is a stone of leadership, strongly evoking this quality in those who wear it. sunstone is said to dispel fear and stress, to increase vitality, to encourage independence and originality, to warm the spirit and to bring good fortune. Sunstone offers clarity when making decisions and an ability to act in accordance with our higher wills and to make sure that our decisions affect others in positive ways. Sunstone strengthens the wearer’s abilities of self-discipline, humility and desire for service to the greater good. In ancient cultures Sunstone was thought to bring abundance, provide protection, counteract poison and increase strength.It has been known to bring luck in games.

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All the Rudraksha and Gemstone that we provide is pre-energized in Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the wearer can wear them without any energization.

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