Sun Stone Pure Silver Pendent With Chain


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Metal Used – Pure Silver
Chain Length – Normal
Stone Name – Sun Stone

R Rudraksha exclusive presents this beautiful and healing Sun Stone Pendent along with Pure Silver Chain. It really looks premium to wear and provide with great benefits. This Chain Pendant can be wear for daily or any on occasion. This product is also a suitable gift for your loved ones on their birthday or any specific event. 

Deriving its name from the fiery orange, yellow and red colours, the Sunstone, also called the heliolite, is one of the magical gemstones out there that enhances leadership qualities. The crystal is symbolic of warmth, emotional clarity and inner strength that helps those who struggle with self-confidence and assurance. Sunstone outshines in the light of the sun which makes it highly attractive. Not many people know about this beautiful crystal and even less know about the benefits it brings to enhance a person’s personality in terms of bringing mental clarity and expressing yourself. It is found in Norway, Greece, Russia and India

As the name suggests, in astrology, the ruling planet of the Sunstone is the Sun. It is the birthstone of the zodiac sign Libra. According to Vedic Astrology, Sun Stone is beneficial for people born under the Moon Sign Pisces, Leo and Libra.


  1. Helps in boosting leadership qualities
  2. Overcomes depression
  3. Helps in exploring a new way of thinking
  4. Keeps the negativity away
  5. Uplifts mood and makes the person active
  6. The creativity of the person enhances
  7. Brings emotional stability
  8. Helps to improve love relations

Health Benefits of Sunstone

  1. Controls cholesterol and obesity
  2. Helps to treat heart problems
  3. Cures muscle problems and chronic throat problem
  4. Increases metabolism which further helps in weight loss

When and How to wear Sunstone

Sunstone must be worn in a Gold , Silver , Brass ring or bracelet or locket on your ring finger on a Sunday. Before wearing this crystal, it should be dipped in the mixture of raw milk and holy water i.e. Gangajal to purify it. Offer the prayers and wear it.


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