Rudraksha Natural Fruits
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Rudraksha Natural Fruits

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Rudraksha beads are covered with blue outer and look like blueberry beads, so people in some part called them blueberry beads.
But after a bit of time, the outer blue color dries into blackish color.
But no one knows what Mukhi is there inside on it.
If you are lucky, you can get some good Mukhi Rudraksha beads which are generally expensive and rare.

How to take Rudraksha beads from Rudraksha Fruits?

  1. Put Rudraksha Fruits in hot water for few hours. The outer part becomes smooth and softer.
  2. Make a clean by scrubbing it with some stiff plastic brush.
  3. Wash with water so that you can see the natural lines on Rudraksha beads.


  1. It is good keeping at home and office.
  2. It brings good luck and good fortune in life.
  3. It brings a positive feeling to life.
  4. It brings positive energy at home and removes negative out.
  5. It is one of the holy Beads to get blessed by God and Goddess.
  6. It is an excellent gift to give your loved ones so that they can get blessed by Lord Shiva.
  7. It could be any Mukhi that can bring change in life and luck.

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