Rose Quartz Pure Silver Pendant With Chain


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Metal Used – Pure Silver 
Chain Length – Normal
Stone Name – Rose Quartz / Pink Crystal

R Rudraksha exclusive presents this beautiful and healing Rose Quartz Pendent along with Pure Silver Chain. It really looks premium to wear and provide with great benefits. This Chain Pendant can be wear for daily or any on occasion. This product is also a suitable gift for your loved ones on their birthday or any specific event. 

Rose Quartz –

It is a symbol of love. Its first impression is delicate, beautiful, lovely, and tender. This heart-stealing stone is puffed up with ample feminine energy. It ignites love and heals emotional hitches. The heart stone makes one feel complete, fulfilled, contented, and open-hearted. The wearer becomes a magnet that receives love, opportunities, and everything he desires. Additionally, it is a beauty secret! Yes, the Rose Quartz makes one appear beautiful & attractive.


The benefits of wearing a Rose Quartz are countless; yet, some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  1. It exalts the planet, Venus.
  2. It activates the Heart Chakra (Anahat Chakra).
  3. It makes one feel loved and beautiful.
  4. It makes one able to receive & share the love.
  5. It creates a divine loving aura around the wearer.
  6. It heals love & emotional wounds, thus, making one emotionally & mentally stable.
  7. It strengthens love & marriage bonds.
  8. It keeps the attraction & romance alive.
  9. For females, it is the ultimate solution to regulate menstrual circle, having painless periods, and preventing menopause.
  10. Also, it promotes easy breastfeeding.
  11. It boosts sensuality, libido & fertility.
  12. It develops love with oneself and makes life hopeful.
  13. It helps you see hopes & opportunities around.
  14. It proves to be quite effective in regulating blood circulation.
  15. It is a panacea for neuron connectivity & mental stability.
  16. It boosts up the healing process of the body.
  17. It makes one a magnet for love & opportunities.
  18. It makes one live a hopeful life.
  19. It develops self-love and improves your aesthetic sense.
  20. It makes one imaginative, creative & artistic, thus, the person performs well in pursuits such as singing, dancing, painting, writing, or so.
  21. Since it is a secret of beauty, it helps to remove skin blemishes such as pimples, rashes, wrinkles, ageing signs, or so, and provides with a clear complexion.
  22. It helps in living a luxurious & comfortable life.
  23. It prevents nightmares and helps in getting beautiful & positive dreams.
  24. It makes one feel loved, positive & fresh all along.

Who Shall Wear Rose Quartz And How To Wear 

Generally, anybody can wear the Rose Quartz for overall success;

Here are certain ways to use the Rose Quartz . You can use any one of them to take advantage of this magical Crystal.

  • Wear the Rose Quartz in neck or hand.
  • Keep the Rose Quartz in the pocket or purse.
  • Children may keep the Rose Quartz in their school/college bag.



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