Feng Shui Evil Eye Protector for House/Car


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How do evil eye charms work?

It’s an ancient belief that the blue glass in evil eye charms traps negative energy coming your way before it reaches you and casts it back on the sender.

Protect your home:

Everyone wants good luck in their life and their home. Hang an evil eye charm at the main doorway so good fortune and prosperity can enter your house without impediments.

Lucky charm for your car:

An evil eye charm hanging in your car will give you additional peace of mind on the road.

Where should I hang it?

Evil eye charms are best placed near the main doorway of your home, office, or shop or wherever the maximum number of people can see it.

Can I buy it for myself?

Yes, evil eye charms work just as well when we buy them for ourselves. Wishing ourselves prosperity and luck is just as important as the wishes of others.

Inspire success:

Evil eye charms not only help absorb bad energy – they’re a talisman that ancients believed sent good fortune and positive vibes our way – each and every day.

High-quality craftsmanship:

Our evil eye wall hanging is hand-made with glass evil eyes, zinc alloy, and beads. To clean, simply wipe gently with a dry cloth.


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