Solar-dried Tulsi Leaves | Basil Leaves


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Solar-dried products are dried with natural heat to enhance shelf life while retaining goodness of the natural product. In comparison to the traditional ways of drying outside in an open field, solar dryers prevent contamination of produce from dust, insects, etc., thereby ensuring quality. This allows small-scale farmers to transform their harvest into storable and tradable goods, which they can sell off-season at higher prices. Tulsi has been used for over 5000 years in treating various illnesses and falls under the mint family. Besides being delectable in taste and used for garnishing food, making tea & other beverages, it is also a powerhouse of nutrients loaded with antioxidants and offers plenty of health benefits.

What it’s for?

Boosts cardiovascular health and helps people with hypertension and high blood pressure problems 2. Treats respiratory illnesses 3. Lowers cortisol levels and reduces stress 4. Contains radioactive properties which help fight cancer cells 5. Soothes digestion issues 6. Controls blood glucose levels thanks to its phytochemical compounds 7. Improves liver functions 8. Aids weight loss


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