Red Coral Rosary – Moonga Mala – Certified


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Made  of fine natural Red Coral (Lal moonga) beads for chanting or wearing purpose. Red Coral beads malas used in most world traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and yoga.This mala is especially for those suffering from ‘MANGAL DOSH‘ or having difficulty in getting married.

Ruling Planet : MARS 


  1. Support marital life
  2. Defeat mental depression
  3. Protect women from widowhood
  4. Stop nightmares
  5. Aid meditation and happiness
  6. Avoid violence, war, and accidents
  7. Boosting energy and confidence
  8. Eliminating fear and bad dreams
  9. Dominating enemies and competitors


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  2. The Products is 100% Genuine and Lab Certified.The Certificate will be from any One Lab of four Labs Government Authorized Labs in India we mostly use.
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