Punchmukhi Hanumaan Idol


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SIZE: 3 inch(apx) / 70gms(apx)


Hanuman is shown with five separate heads and 10 different arms holding weapons.  In this form Hanuman is refered to as Panchamukhi Hanuman or five faced Hanuman.  The five heads are Hanuman in the center facing forward.  To the right of Hanuman is Narasimha the 4th Avatar of Vishnu.   To the left of Hanuman is Varaha the Boar the 3rd Avatar of Vishnu.  On the back side of the statue opposite Hanuman in the vehicle of Vishnu, Garuda the Eagle King.  In top of the 4 heads is horse headed, Hayagriva also a lesser known avatar of Lord Vishnu.  Hanuman’s right hand is in the abhaya mudra while his left hand is holding a curved knife.  Hanuman has a golden, brass color.The Legend:  Lord Hanuman is said to have appeared before Raghavendra swamy in a unique way amalgamating within him the avatars of “Varaha, Garuda, Hanuman, Narasimha and Hayagreeva”, thus five-headed. Panchamukhi, located on the south bank of river Tungabhadra near Manchala now known as Mantralayam is where Raghavendraswamy performed penance for 12 long years in a cave. In appreciation of his Yoga, Lord Panchamukhi Pranadevaru, Kollahpura Mahalakshmi, Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati and Kurmavathara gave darshan to him. Then he left for Mantralaya where he entered into Samadhi. A temple has been constructed at the spot where he performed penance known as the Panchamukhi Anjaneyaswamy temple.The details of Panchamuka are:

  1. East facing Hanuman to grant humanity isthta siddhi.
  2. South facing Narasimha to grant humanity abhista siddhi.
  3. West facing Garuda to grant humanity sakalla sowbhagya.
  4. North facing Varaha to grant humanity dhana prapthi.
  5. Hayagriva on top to grant humanity sarva vidya jaya prapthi.The interpretations:  There are five ways of  prayer to the Lord. They are Naman, Smaran, Keerthanam, Yachanam and Arpanam. The five faces depict these five forms. Lord Hanuman always used to Naman, Smaran and Keerthanam of Lord Sri Rama. He totally surrendered (Arpanam) to his Master Sri Ram. He also begged (yachanam) Sri Rama to bless him the undivided love


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