Parad Shivling (Mercury Shivlingam) with Decorated Brass Plate


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Parad Shiv Ling also referred to as Rasalingam in the South is the Shiv Linga that is made of the Parad metal. The Parad Shivlinga is one of the most auspicious and divine creations that has been created and revered by man since ancient times. It holds the powerful and mystic dual energies of Shiv Linga and the metal Parad. Worshipping a Parad Shiv Linga with pure devotion is said to fill the devotee’s life with many boons while also creating a protective shield around him/her. The Shivling made of Parad finds mention in the ancient Holy Scriptures.

Parad Shivalinga is a Shivling made of solidified alchemical Parad (mercury) which is considered to be the purest metal. This Shivling is worshipped to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and you can get variants of this lingam at Rudra Centre. The Parad Shivalingam is available in various sizes. It can be placed in your home or at the temple and it has to be handled carefully. The devotees are blessed with longevity and spiritual upliftment as they worship the Parad Shivalingam regularly and perform Abhishek.


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