Navgrah Navratna Rosary/Mala


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This is a beautiful mala in which, agate beads are studded in thread along with combination of natural crystals so that the wearer gets protected from Negative influences of all the 9 planets. Generally, a ring or a pendant is suggested when one or two planets are unfavourable in a person’s horoscope. However, sometimes if 4 or 5 planets are unfavourable in a person’s horoscope, then this mala is highly beneficial.

This mala is also effective for increasing the power of weak planets and it also protects a person from short time Negative transits of planets. This Mala should also be worn by a person who do not have a Horoscope due to lack of exact Birth time or when the correctness of the horoscope is doubtful. One can also use this mala to chant the mantras. 

Please note that this mala is Energized ( A Pran – Pratistha Puja is performed by our Guruji ) before being sent to our clients so that they can get a maximum benefit from it.

This Navgraha mala can be worn by both men & women irrespective of any age.

This mala should be worn for the 1st time from any Thursday morning after taking bath and reciting the following Beej Mantra for 11 times :


” Om Suryay Namah, Chandray Namah, Buddhay Namah, 
Brahaspatiaey Namah, Mangalay Namah, 
Shukray Namah, Shanischaray Namah, Rahavey Namah, 
Ketvay Namah, Navgarahe Namah


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