Malachite Stone (Kidney Stone) 4cts to 6 cts


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Planet: VENUS

Hindi Name Of Stone: KIDNEY STONE


Shape: OVAL

Price: ₹200/Per Carats 

Day Of Wearing: MONDAY 

Prefered Metal: SILVER (White Metal)

Malachite is an opaque green stone having a very dark to light green patterned surface.It is a stone for health, recovery and wellness.Attuned to the Heart Chakra, it is a guardian of the heart.It protects its wearer from the toxic flow of negative energy and brings a positive change in them.

It is mild, healing stone for many benefits & no side or negative effects.It heals the person on mental, emotional & physical level.There are no restrictions or limitations to wear it.It is not an Astrological stone, so can be worn without any recommendation of astrologer.It can be worn by any person of any age & gender.One can wear it any time, any day, for as long as you want to get benefits.Person should wear crystals as per own requirement & purpose.Each crystal has its own healing properties & powers, thus benefits the wearer accordingly.


Malachite is the stone for health and recovery.It flushes out toxins from the body, purifies the blood and supports kidney & liver health.It is also Beneficial for arthritis, diabetes and hypertension Patients.It boosts the immune system and protects from illnesses.Malachite is very beneficial for pregnant and lactating women.It is worn by pregnant women to safeguard the child and mother’s health & placed besides them to ease labor pain and delivering a healthy child.


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  • The Products is 100% Genuine and Lab Certified.The Certificate will be from any One Lab of four Labs Government Authorized Labs in India we mostly use.
  • All Gemstone are basic pre-energized but wearers are recommended to do basic rituals before wearing as per your convenience.
  • We assure you for 100% best quality products but. All images shown in the product gallery is for illustration purpose only, Actual Product may vary

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