Lord Hanumaan Idol(Murti) made in pure brass metal


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SIZE: 3.5 inch (apx) / 250gm apx


This Beautiful Lord Hanuman ji Idol / Statue which is made in pure brass metal with excellent carving worked on it. Lord Hanuman is the symbol of courage and strength. Therefore, worship of Lord Hanuman can bless you with power and fortune. Moreover, evil effects caused by the malefic planet in your kundali can also be removed, if lord Hanuman is worshipped in proper rituals.

Benefits Of Hanuman Puja

Puja of Lord Hanuman can rid you of evil effects caused by malefic planetary transit in your horoscope. Astrology suggests that puja is performed in a pious manner, and devotee is supposed to be spiritually pure and use red vermillion, floral rosary, and Diya to please the god. Courage and determination are characteristic traits that improve through lord hanuman puja. Hanuman puja brings luck and fortune if done in proper rituals.


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