Green Emerald (Panna) 8cts to 9cts


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Planet: Mercury 

Hindi Name Of Stone: PANNA

Origin: ZAMBIAN 


Shape: OVAL

Price: ₹4300/Per Carat

Day Of Wearing: WEDNESDAY 

Prefered Metal: SILVER / PLATINUM  PUNCHDHATU(White Metal)

Green Emerald (Panna) stone signifies the beneficial power of planet mercury. Emerald by virtue of signifying Mercury, it helps in the intellect, concentration, communication, mental capacity, vocabulary and business. Emerald is a precious gemstone and is considered to be a variety of the mineral beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) which attains its green colour by trace amounts of chromium.


  • It strengthens positivity, bringing fortune into life and filling our life with happiness.
  • Emerald is especially beneficial for people in business or are in creative professions like public speaking, writers, public relations etc.
  • Since Emerald is helpful in communication, it makes our relationships stronger which creates healthy and peaceful environment.
  • It builds confidence and helps to make you free from stress.
  • It stabilizes mind and makes physical, emotional and spiritual changes.
  • People having weak mercury (Budh dasha) in their sunsign can wear this gemstone


  • Buyers are recommended to choose Product STONE WEIGHT from the ‘Option Button’ before placing your order
  • The Products is 100% Genuine and Lab Certified.The Certificate will be from any One Lab of four Labs Government Authorized Labs in India we mostly use.
  • All Gemstone are basic pre-energized but wearers are recommended to do basic rituals before wearing as per your convenience.
  • We assure you for 100% best quality products but. All images shown in the product gallery is for illustration purpose only, Actual Product may vary

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