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Similar to sesame seeds, Basil seeds are considered to be one of the best ayurvedic medical remedies for stress relief and relaxation. They originated from Thai basil plants. Their size is close to that of chia seeds. You can add these seeds to customize cereals, oatmeal, and beverages because of its thickening property. The seeds can be refrigerated and can be enjoyed anytime. 



  1. Improves digestion
  2. Full of essential nutrients and minerals that enhance metabolism 
  3. It contains flavonoids that help in relieving inflammation. 
  4. Can be soaked overnight before consumption


1 teaspoon of basil seeds contains: 

  1. Fat 
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Protein 



  1. To be kept away from the reach of children below 5 years 
  2. Not to be swallowed dry
  3. Trace of other nuts and fruits is found 
  4. Excess intake may cause low blood sugar levels


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